Welcome! I'm Josephine, intuitive healer and Akashic Records reader and teacher.

Hello! My name is Josephine and I'm a recovering perfectionist.

I've been working with the Akashic Records since 2012.

I'm an expert at getting to the heart of the matter and identifying the roots of my clients' issues. I help them reconnect - or create for the first time - a sense of deep inner peace, possibility, and personal power.

The Akashic Records provide the highest spiritual guidance available at this time.

As a vast database of every experience, feeling, thought, and action that has ever existed, the Akashic Records can help you understand the spiritual meaning behind your current lifetime - including your relationships, challenges, patterns, soul purpose, and how your soul wants to be expressed through you.

The Akashic Records contain the story of your soul's evolutionary journey.

In my sessions, I work with clients eager to find the deeper meaning and to create their lives more intentionally.

Even if they're not aware of it yet, all of my clients are healers themselves. They're passionate about leading meaningful lives, seeing beyond the 3D reality into a more expansive spiritual understanding of their life events, and helping others become empowered.

My clients are eager to supercharge their intuition and spiritual practices.

They're ready to stop looking to external voices for guidance and claim their inner authority.

There are no quick fixes in doing this work.

Working with the Akashic Records requires a high degree of commitment to your own healing.

The Record Keepers will never choose anything for you or offer you a magic bullet. Instead, through their unconditionally loving yet straightforward approach, they will help you gather all the necessary information so you can make the most aligned choices for yourself.

In my sessions, the Record Keepers often give specific "spiritual homework" based on each client's issues and questions. It will be up to you to do the inner work after a session.

Ready to explore the possibility of working together?

Josephine's Akashic Record sessions are powerful and transformational. They cut right to the truth of the matter. Getting rid of past life contracts has cleared the way for me to make more empowered choices. I'm happier and more at peace than ever before.

Sara Murphy

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