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12 Spiritual Journaling Prompts for Healing and Self-Reflection

The act of putting pen to paper is powerful. Well, typing can be powerful too, but there’s really an intangible kind of magic when we sit down to write on a piece of paper. Or in a beautiful, inspiring, brand new journal. It’s a sacred act.

Writing can unlock transformative insights from deep within your subconscious mind. It can also help you access the wisdom of your Spirit Guides and your own intuition. Incorporating writing or journaling into your daily spiritual practice is essential for:

  • working through obstacles and challenges,
  • uncovering and redefining limiting beliefs and thoughts,
  • getting in touch with your deepest emotions and desires,
  • designing and manifesting the life you truly want.

Of course, this list isn’t exhaustive, but it highlights the benefits of journaling as a tool for healing and self-discovery.

And, yet — some days it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what you should be writing about. This post offers you 12 powerful and revealing journaling prompts to get started. Or to get things moving again on those days when you’re just drawing a blank.

As always, my purpose here is also to inspire you to create your own prompts based on where you are in your life and what you’re trying to heal or achieve. I trust that as you work through these 12 prompts, follow-up questions and further avenues for self-inquiry will emerge. Just go where your heart leads you.

The Method

When you sit down to journal, remember these 3 golden rules:

  1. Carve out sacred time and space for this. Make sure you won’t be interrupted. Turn this into a spiritual, deeply nourishing experience. Light some candles or incense. Play inspiring, ethereal music. Spray the room with your favorite essential oils.
  2. Above all, do not censor yourself. As you write, very revealing insights might start to come up. Some might be scary, in the sense that they will require you to change your life, habits, thoughts, or relationships in certain ways. Be brave. You’re strong enough to make the necessary changes. Welcome this awareness and greater clarity about your life.
  3. If you get stuck or nothing comes out: try automatic writing (just jotting down absolutely anything that comes up without thinking about it). Draw a Tarot or Oracle card to jump-start your writing. Or close your eyes, breathe, and ask your Guides to reveal any important information you need to know. Relax into it. There’s no pressure and no rush. Your writing and insights don’t have to be “perfect.”

The Prompts

  1. What is my soul calling out for right now? What do I really need in this moment of my life?
  2. If I pretend no one else exists (because it’s ok to be selfish sometimes), how do I visualize/see my dream life? What am I not doing right now because I’m afraid of how others will react?
  3. Another pretend scenario: if I only had 4 years left to live, what would I eliminate from my life? What would I add?
  4. What was most beautiful about my day today? Where can I celebrate myself?
  5. What didn’t go so well today? How can I improve the situation (or my perception of it) so I can wake up excited and eager for the day tomorrow?
  6. What has been the highlight of my week? How can I incorporate more of that kind of experience, situation, or energy into my life?
  7. What can I be grateful/thankful for right now? (Make a loooong list — as long as possible. Look at it often and add it to every day.)
  8. What’s my #1 desire right now? How can I move closer to manifesting it? Are there any internal or external actions I need to take?
  9. I feel unsettled, uneasy, stressed, hopeless, angry, sad, ashamed, or guilty. What has triggered this emotion in me? How can I shift my thinking or perception to move beyond this emotion?
  10. When in my life have I felt a sense of success, achievement, and fulfillment? (Make a list of the smallest of achievements — like getting up and taking a shower or brushing your teeth today — to the biggest, like getting a degree, building a business, or raising your children. Then, make it a habit to look at your “List of Achievements” often. This builds up the energy of success and confidence within you.)
  11. Where can I let go of control (or other soul-draining tendencies like perfectionism) and detach from outcome in my life?
  12. Is there anything I need to release that I’ve been trying to hold on to? Why am I so scared of letting this go? What does this potential loss remind me of? And how will I benefit if I stop the struggle and just surrender this to the universe?

I’ve compiled these 12 prompts into a printable PDF exclusively for Purefield tribe members. Join us — it’s totally free — and get the PDF here. Keep doing your inner work, and happy journaling! May your insights lead you to healing and wholeness.

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