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20 Powerful Money Questions to Ask Your Tarot Deck

First, let’s demystify the idea that money is evil — it isn’t. It’s neutral. It’s neither good nor bad. It’s a vehicle. It’s energy. It can represent freedom, the capacity to navigate the material world without limitations, and the ability to do things for oneself and others.

Yet, due to our social conditioning and in some instances our skewed spiritual beliefs (that one must renounce money and all material goods to be the “right” kind of spiritual, or spiritual enough), many of us fear, resent, and/or loathe money. Or we feel we must beg for it. Or we pretend it doesn’t matter and that we don’t wish we had more of it.

Money is a complex subject that brings out all sorts of emotions, memories, and thoughts in us. The key is to shift your relationship to money, to redefine your understanding of it, to use it for good, and to move beyond any unhelpful or self-limiting beliefs about money. Once we work through all of this, we are able to manifest greater material abundance when we need it.

To get started — or to continue — on your journey of healing your money mindset and unleashing greater abundance, I’ve put together a list of 20 powerful questions to ask your Tarot deck. These will help you uncover your true feelings and beliefs about money, where they come from, and how you can shift your mindset in the places where it doesn’t serve you.

The Abundance Challenge

I challenge you to work with these questions and your deck for 20 consecutive days, asking one question per day. Start a new money mindset journal and devote 2-3 pages to each question. Note if any cards come up repeatedly for you, because if they do you’ll want to work with them long-term while you heal and shift any self-limiting beliefs.

Also journal about any feelings, thoughts, emotions, and sensations that come up as you ask the questions. For instance, does a particular question make you feel uncomfortable? Are you resisting asking a specific question? Are you dreading what the cards will say about X or Z? These are the places you need to explore the most — the places where you feel uncomfortable, resistant, or where you’re dragging your feet. They hold the keys to your freedom and to powerful insights.

Begin the 20 days by taking a blank sheet of paper (or the first page on your journal) and writing, in big letters:

MONEY IS ________________________.

Fill in the blank with your immediate, gut answer to the question: what is money? Your answer might be negative (“money is scarce”), neutral (“money is energy”), or positive (“money is fun”). There’s no right or wrong answer. You just want to take stock of where you are at the beginning of the 20 days.

Once you reach the end of the 20 days, repeat the same exercise:

MONEY IS _________________________.

How has your money mindset shifted through the 20 questions and your journaling? What new insights arose for you? How do you see and understand money now? How will you use it? What positive, aligned, empowering strategies can you implement to manifest more of it in your life? Use the 20 questions below to discover your answers. And if you get stuck at any point, just reach out! I’d love to help.

Ready to start?

The 20 Questions

  1. How do I define money today?
  2. From where did I get this definition?
  3. What beliefs about money have I inherited from my family of origin?
  4. What beliefs about money have I internalized from my culture/society?
  5. What’s my biggest challenge when it comes to money?
  6. Am I resistant to manifesting greater abundance in my life?
  7. If YES to number 6: how can I overcome this resistance
  8. What can I do to align myself with financial abundance?
  9. What can I do to become more receptive to more money coming in?
  10. How do I define my own value and self-worth?
  11. Is there any connection between my self-worth and my beliefs about money?
  12. How can I increase my confidence?
  13. What can I do to feel more valuable?
  14. Is there any source of revenue I haven’t yet explored?
  15. If YES to 15: how can I access and manifest it?
  16. How am I holding myself back financially?
  17. What’s my biggest fear when it comes to money?
  18. How can I get over this fear?
  19. What’s a good strategy for me when I get scared/concerned/anxious/panicked about money?
  20. How can I redefine my understanding of money in the most empowering, helpful way?

*BONUS QUESTION (for students of Abraham Hicks!): how can I get my money out of my vortex and into my bank account?

I guarantee that exploring these questions, taking the time to really meditate and journal on them, will yield amazing insights for you. Remember that you deserve all the abundance in the world — and you don’t have to feel guilty or apologize for manifesting everything you desire! Other people’s beliefs about money are their money stories, not yours.

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