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30 Business Questions to Ask the Akashic Records

People often ask me what kinds of questions are most helpful when working with the Akashic Records.

As a powerful spiritual tool, the Akashic Records can help you access the highest level of Divine Guidance. There’s really no limit to the kinds of questions or topics you can explore inside the Records.

How you phrase your questions is much more important than what you ask. If you need specific guidance formulating questions for an Akashic Record reading, you can read my guide here.

Generally speaking, you can ask the Records about relationships, finance, career, spiritual development, soul purpose, health, and any other conceivable topic.

In this post, I’ll give you 30 examples of business-related questions you can consult inside the Records. These will be split up into two sets. The first set of 15 questions will focus on business/career in general. The second set will focus on starting and growing a spiritual business.

15 General Business & Career Questions

  1. Is my profession or career aligned with my Soul at this time?
  2. What would be the benefits of taking this job opportunity?
  3. What would be the disadvantages (if any) of taking this job opportunity?
  4. Where am I blocking myself professionally?
  5. What can I do to manifest a fulfilling career?
  6. What ideas about work and career have I inherited from my family?
  7. What ideas about work and career are currently limiting me?
  8. What ideas about work and career should I release or transform?
  9. What workplace dynamic or environment is most suitable for me?
  10. Is my current workplace supportive of my long-term goals?
  11. Would it serve me to return to school or engage in professional training?
  12. Would it serve me to ask for a raise/promotion?
  13. How can I ask for a raise/promotion in the most empowered way?
  14. Is there room for growth at my current job/position?
  15. What internal glass ceiling am I hitting up against professionally? (your internal glass ceiling could be related to how much money you’re allowing yourself to make, or how much money you believe you’re worth, whether you believe that you can ascend the corporate or professional ladder at your current job, etc.)

The Akashic Records as a Business Tool

If you’re a business owner, the Records can help you make empowered and informed decisions for your business. This is especially true if you work as a healer, coach, or in any other spiritual role.

Running your own business can feel lonely and like a really heavy responsibility. The weight of every decision falls on your shoulders. It can be tough to figure out where to focus your attention every day, and which actions are going to get you results (and which are just a waste of time!).

It can also be challenging to grow your own business without a clear roadmap or blueprint.

The Akashic Records can serve as that roadmap or as a powerful source of information you can access on command.

I’ve used the Records consistently in the past 5 years to build a profitable spiritual business. Most importantly, my business is fully aligned with my soul purpose and it allows me to work with my ideal clients every day.

To harness the power of the Records and receive clear guidance for your spiritual business, you can explore these kinds of questions:

15 Questions about Growing a Spiritual Business

  1. What is my true soul purpose in this lifetime?
  2. How would starting a spiritual business allow me to fulfill that purpose?
  3. Why am I being called to start a spiritual business now?
  4. Where have I stopped myself from starting a business in the past?
  5. What fears do I have about starting a business? How can I release them?
  6. How can I work through the fear of being visible?
  7. How can I work through the fear of not being worthy enough to do this work?
  8. How can I work through the fear that I won’t make any money doing this work?
  9. What needs am I here to serve?
  10. What kinds of clients would I be most excited to work with?
  11. What are the main problems or challenges of my ideal clients?
  12. How can I help my ideal clients solve those problems or challenges?
  13. How can I align myself and my business with the energy of abundance?
  14. How can I trust my inner compass to guide me when I make business decisions?
  15. Where should I further develop myself to be an empowered and successful business owner?

I hope these questions are helpful, whether you’re reading for yourself or getting a professional Akashic Record reading. Please let me know in the comments below if these bring up any of your own questions!

Wishing you professional success and spiritual fulfillment on your path,


Sara Murphy

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