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The 4 Healing Principles in Working with the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are a vast storehouse of information about your life and soul’s journey across all dimensions of time and space.

Each time your soul decides to come down to Earth in a human body, a new “entry” in your individual Records is created.

Time isn’t linear inside the Akashic Records. This means we can retrieve information about past lives, our current lifetimes, and even future possibilities based on the choices we’re making today.

Similarly, healing an unresolved past life trauma through the Records can liberate you from dysfunctional and limiting patterns today. It can also keep you from having to re-live those patterns or trauma in your future lifetimes. (Cause who wants to be repeating that over and over again?? No, thanks.)

In this article, I outline the 4 main principles in working with the Akashic Records. Students in my Akashic Records training program learn about these principles as the foundation for all the personal healing work we can do with the Records.

These 4 principles must also underlie any healing work we do with the Records as we assist our own clients heal, become empowered, and release whatever no longer serves them.

Having the highest ethical standards, integrity, and clarity is a MUST when accessing the Records.

Adhering to these principles can help us stay in complete integrity and make our healing work with the Records as effective as possible.

The 4 Healing Principles

ONE: Love

This might sound airy-fairy or woo woo, but love is truly the first principle in working with the Akashic Records.

This is because the Records themselves are encoded in the universal energy field that surrounds us – a field made of light and pure love.

The Records also hold the energy of unconditional love. This means that the Record Keepers – the beings of light who work with us inside the Records – see you and me and everyone else through the lens of unconditional love.

There’s no judgment, guilt, shame, blame, or punishment in the energy of the Records. Instead, they hold the energy of non-judgment, support, warmth, and unconditional assistance.

The Akashic Records can see and KNOW your true potential. They don’t have too much patience for you getting in your own way or being caught up in human drama.

Through their unconditional love for you, the Records can help you heal and elevate your own view of yourself.

The more and more you access the Records, the more you begin to see the world – including yourself and everyone around you – through this lens of unconditional love.

This is a powerful healing principle and benefit of working with the Records. Over time, as you begin to see yourself the way that the Record Keepers see you, you’ll develop a deep sense of compassion, non-judgment, and acceptance towards yourself.

TWO: Helpfulness & Hopefulness

The second principle in working with the Akashic Records is twofold: helpfulness and hopefulness.

It was the great mystic Edgar Cayce who first pointed out the Records’ ability to restore a sense of hope in people who access them.

The Records are extremely good at helping you see the expanded possibilities for your life, especially when you’ve lost hope or feel stuck in a challenging situation. 

The Records can help you clarify your vision and clear out internal (or external) noise.

They can also help you turn down the volume on the voice of your ego. This is the voice that tells you things like you’re not worth it, you’re unlucky, you’re flawed, and who do you think you are to want more from life?

An Akashic Record reading is meant to bring helpfulness to the person using this modality (or to the client receiving the reading). Ultimately, the Records are the highest form of guidance and divine assistance we can access as humans.

The Records also have a special brand of “dynamite” that can blast away through perceived dead ends, roadblocks, limitations, and internal glass ceilings.

This dynamite can help you collapse any limiting thoughts or beliefs, see new choices where you couldn’t see any before, and reconnect to a sense of hope and excitement about your present and future.

THREE: Profound Empowerment

As a healing tool, the Akashic Records are all about profoundly empowering the people who access them.

This means that the Records will never impose themselves on your experience. As with spirit guides or archangels, you must intentionally invoke the Records to receive their assistance and clear guidance. (Some people do receive spontaneous downloads from the Records. However, this tends to be a special case for people who are deeply intuitive or strongly meant to work with the Records in this lifetime.)

Another important point with principle #3 is that the Records will never make choices for you.

This is why asking the right questions is a critical part of receiving clear, useful, and accurate information from the Records.

If you try to ask a should or shouldn’t question inside the Records – for example, “should I marry this person?” or “should I switch career paths?” – you won’t receive a very helpful answer.

The Record Keepers want to help you develop your own powerful discernment and decision-making. This is why yes-or-no and fortune-telling questions don’t work well with the Records, either. (Personally, I don’t believe fortune-telling is possible, but to each his own.)

It’s important to phrase questions in a way that empowers you. A way that allows you to take ownership of your life and choices.

For example, rather than the should questions listed above, you could ask: “what does my Soul need me to know about this person and our potential marriage?” and “why am I feeling called to switch career paths now?”

Starting questions with what, how, or why is always a better strategy than asking predictive or should/shouldn’t questions.

It’s also important to make sure you’re not asking questions where you’re attached to getting a specific (or definitive) answer. 

– An important note on spiritual bypassing

As with any other spiritual modality, the Akashic Records can be used unethically for spiritual bypassing.

In this context, spiritual bypassing means using spirituality or spiritual tools/modalities to avoid or escape reality.

The Records won’t allow you to give your power away to them. You might be using this modality for spiritual bypassing (unconsciously, of course) if you’re accessing the Records before you make ANY decisions. Or if you feel like you can’t decide for yourself unless the Records tell you to do something.

The principle of profound empowerment means that you must become responsible for your own life. That you must step into your gifts fully, listen to your own inner authority, and become a sovereign being.

Working with clients, profound empowerment also means that we must be highly conscious of not feeding into clients’ co-dependent patterns. Or clients’ patterns of turning us into “gurus”.

To be ethical readers, we can’t allow clients to give their power away to us by believing that they need us in order to heal or that they can’t move forward in life unless they check with us first.

Being an ethical, highly aligned reader of the Records means having the awareness of when clients are attempting to give their power away. Once we notice this, we can non-judgmentally help them release their old patterns around this and reclaim their power.

FOUR: Current Lifetime Relevance

Although this doesn’t always happen, accessing the Records often means receiving information about your past life experiences.

Sometimes, reliving or learning about our past lives can become addictive or another form of spiritual bypassing. If you find yourself obsessing over a specific past life or the events that might’ve happened, this is a sign that you’re using the Records to distract yourself from your current reality.

I always say to my students and clients that unless we apply the information we receive from the Records, it’s wasted guidance. 

It’s important to always go into the Records with the intention of mining for information and then bringing that information into the present day.

You must ask (or help your clients ask) questions like:

  • how does this information help me understand where I am today?
  • how does this guidance help me illuminate my current issues/patterns/challenges?
  • how is this information relevant to my life today?
  • how is knowing about this unresolved past life trauma helpful to me now?
  • how can I make this information applicable and useful NOW?

Returning to your present reality and grounding yourself in your body after spending time in the Records is really important.

This is especially crucial because the Records have a strong, extremely high-frequency, and refined vibration. After spending time in that kind of energy, it can feel clunky, dense, and uncomfortable to return to Earth. (Been there! Being in a body can be HARD.)

But, of course, we can’t spend most of our time up in the Records – at least not while we still have human bodies and full lives to lead in this physical reality.

Principle #4 is really about using the Akashic Records as a powerful healing tool without giving our power away. It’s also about making the information we receive relevant to where we are now, using it to illuminate current issues and challenges.

To learn more about becoming a certified Akashic Records reader and using this tool to help others become empowered and discover why they’re really here, you can explore my Akashic Records training program. I also offer individual Akashic Records Healing Sessions for clients ready to take ownership of their lives and experience the healing power of this divine tool.

With love and to your profound awakening,

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