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4 Signs Your Spiritual Business Is Running You

Growing your spiritual business isn’t always easy.

In fact, having a spiritual business (or any other business, for that matter) is like being on an accelerated healing path.

This is because so much of your stuff will come up to the surface to be healed. Stuff like old wounds, patterns, conditioning, fears, self-doubt, procrastination, and resistance.

Growing your business requires you to do intense healing work so you can clear yourself of baggage, release blocks, and truly serve your people.

But what happens when it all becomes too much? When your business starts to run you, instead of you running your business?

In this post, I’ll identify 4 different ways in which your business might be running you — even when you’re unaware of it.

I’ll also offer some suggestions and possible solutions to these problems so you can get back on track, take ownership of your business, do the work you’re meant to do, and attract more of your soulmate clients.


Possible causes: overscheduling, overdoing, overdelivering

I get it – you want to build your spiritual business and be of service. Of course! This is especially true if you’re an empath or a healer with a very strong mission.

But doing all the things and trying to help everyone often leads to exhaustion and burn out.

You might have a tendency to overdeliver or overperform. To give all of yourself away and do too much to make sure your clients are happy.

Good customer service is key, but you must also practice self-care and refrain from any tendency to overgive, overperform, or overdo (especially if it comes from a place of inadequacy or fear!).

Antidotes: Stop overdelivering. Get off the hamster wheel of “shoulds” or to-do’s based on someone else’s blueprint. Every morning, drop down into your heart, connect with your Higher Self, and ask: “Where should my focus go today for maximum alignment, productivity, and ease?”


Possible causes: imposter syndrome, wounded inner child, perfectionism

Feeling as though you’re not competent, educated, smart, or savvy enough to build a business and serve your clients is a common experience, especially if you have perfectionist tendencies.

This might also be related to imposter syndrome, or the feeling that other healers are more qualified than you. That you don’t have what it takes and you’ll be found out as a “fraud.”

These feelings can be tied to your wounded inner child, who is terrified of being rejected, unloved, mocked, or abandoned.

Feeling inadequate prevents you from showing up in your full brilliance and sharing your unique magic with your clients.

Antidotes: Do some inner child healing work. Uncover the root wound or cause behind your fear of rejection and feelings of inadequacy. Let go of perfectionism and learn to do your work in an imperfect way – it’s good to make “mistakes” and learn from them. (There are no mistakes, really, only learning). Stop comparing yourself to others. No one can do what you do in your unique, powerful, magical way.


Possible causes: information overload, blocked intuition, resistance

Feeling confused about the next step in your spiritual business is often a result of having too much information.

If that’s the case for you, stop watching webinars, reading blogs, taking programs, and listening to podcasts. At least for a while. (I know – easier said than done!)

Give your brain a break so you can access your heart, gut, and intuition.

You don’t want to run your business based on someone else’s roadmap, so taking a week (or two) to sit with your own Higher Self and intuition will help a lot.

If you’re listening to too many external voices about how you should be running your business, those voices can overwhelm your inner voice of wisdom and clarity. This can then block your intuition and make it challenging to receive divine guidance about your next step.

Antidotes: Stop consuming content and information for a while. Return to your intuition, gut, and inner knowing. What is your heart whispering to you about where you could go next? Be willing to take a step into the unknown instead of following someone else’s footprints. Learn to become more comfortable with hanging out in uncertainty – this is an essential skill for entrepreneurs and will serve you well in the future.


Possible causes: non-ideal clients, lack of boundaries, trying to serve everyone

Ideally, you want to feel energized after doing work with your clients.

Of course, feeling a bit tired after client work is natural (especially if you’re putting a lot into your work). But you might also find yourself completely drained after working with particular clients.

If that’s the case, you might want to explore whether you’re working with non-ideal clients – that is, clients who would be better served by another healer, with a different approach.

You might be trying to force a connection or make your work useful to these clients even if they’re not receptive or on a different frequency.

If your client work always feels like heavy lifting (like you’re the one doing all that heavy lifting), it’s worth considering who your ideal clients really are.

Antidotes: Make sure you’re clearly defining who your ideal clients are and tailoring your messaging to them. Let go of non-ideal clients, who will be better served by other healers. Enforce clear boundaries with clients who are needy or who overstep the bounds of your client-healer relationship (like emailing you non-stop or demanding sessions outside of your “office hours”).

Although building a spiritual business isn’t always easy, it can be done without sacrificing your sanity, well-being, or inner peace.

Bringing more awareness to your everyday processes and ups-and-downs in your business can bring important insights to light.

Which of these 4 issues tends to show up for you most often? How have you dealt with it? I’d love to hear in the comments if you have stories or questions to share.

To your abundant success,

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