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5 Crystals Used for Akashic Records

How crystals used for Akashic Records can help you move through the distractions.

Accessing the Akashic Records requires great clarity. You must put your ego aside, surrender to the process, and become a clear vessel for divine guidance. This is the first and most important step in working with the Records. Luckily, there are specific crystals used for Akashic Records work that can help you move through layers of interference.

These layers include conditioning, ego mind interference, limiting beliefs, and self-doubt that can get in the way. This is often something we work on in my Akashic Records Level 1 training.

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5 powerful crystals used for Akashic Records and the properties that make them so well-suited for this work.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is an extremely versatile and useful crystal, often referred to as the master healer.

The clean, pure, high-frequency vibration of clear quartz can help you concentrate and focus when you work with the Records.

It can also assist with mental discipline, especially if you have a tendency to get distracted by intrusive thoughts when trying to do spiritual work.

SUGGESTED PRACTICE: One of my favorite exercises for clearing and balancing the third eye is to hold the point of a clear quartz gently at the center of the forehead. As you do this, visualize a pure beam of white or golden light traveling through the crystal and into your third eye. This light can remove any “energetic debris” that has built up in the third eye. If you practice this clearing exercise consistently, it can increase your clairvoyant abilities to receive visual information from the Records.


Selenite is a deeply peaceful, calming, and soothing crystal. It’s often recommended for meditation and other kinds of spiritual work.

It can help you see beyond illusions and into the spiritual meaning of any situation or challenge. Selenite also clears out confusion and dissipates mental and emotional heaviness.

The high vibration energy of selenite can help you ascend and leave human & ego density behind. This is important so you can match the high vibration of the Akashic Records and open yourself to receive clear information.

One of my long-time mentors calls selenite the “fiber optics” of the crystal world. This is because selenite can transmit energy and light through its striations.

SUGGESTED PRACTICE: When working with the Records, I recommend holding a selenite wand in your hand. This will facilitate the movement of energy from the Records to you through your crown and etheric (above-the-crown) chakras. It will also foster clear communication between you and the Record Keepers.


With its range of changing colors, labradorite is a stone of transformation and transmutation.

It can help you release past disappointments and insecurity, making it ideal as a crystal for moving beyond self-doubt when working with the Records or any other spiritual tool.

Labradorite also helps you fine-tune your intuition and increase your psychic abilities, which can help you get accurate and useful information from the Records.

As the dreamer’s stone, labradorite functions as a portal into higher realms of consciousness, parallel universes, and spiritual dimensions.

SUGGESTED PRACTICE: To harness the magical powers of this crystal, I recommend wearing a labradorite bracelet or necklace to supercharge your journeys into the Akashic Records.

Mystic Merlinite

Mystic merlinite is a fascinating crystal and an opener of consciousness. It can help you expand your awareness in profound ways while also grounding the soul powerfully in the body.

Like clear quartz and selenite, mystic merlinite is a perfect crystal for activating the third eye and crown chakras. These energy centers are really important in doing Akashic Records work. You will need to have them open and clear to get accurate, helpful guidance.

Since it can help with past life recall, this is one of the most ideal crystals used for Akashic Records work.

SUGGESTED PRACTICE: When you’re ready to access the Records and receive information about a past life experience, I recommend holding a piece of mystic merlinite in your non-dominant hand (which is connected to your right brain – the source of creativity, perception, and empathy).

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is also an excellent choice for working with the Records.

This is a potent grounding and protection stone. It can help you release feelings of unworthiness and fear, as well as clear out disruptive thought patterns.

Black tourmaline can function as an anchor grounding you in your body when you travel into the higher realms of the Akashic Records. This is really helpful in avoiding the tendency to leave the body or become ungrounded when accessing such higher realms of consciousness.

Staying solidly rooted in your body and in the earth can help you access more practical information without “getting lost” inside the Records.

SUGGESTED PRACTICE: When opening clients’ Records, I often hold a smooth piece of black tourmaline in my left hand so I can stay present and grounded. You can also place this crystal on your lap while accessing the Records, ensuring that you stay in your body. This will reduce any symptoms like loopiness, dizziness, or difficulty coming back down to earth after your Akashic journeys.

It’s natural to find it challenging to tap into your intuition, tune out all external noise, and connect to the energy field of the Records. But with the help of these crystals used for Akashic Records work you will be able to move more easily through the layers of interference.

With love,

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