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5 Myths About the Akashic Records (And How They Actually Work)

The Akashic Records are an amazing tool you can use to access higher guidance, divine wisdom, and helpful information about yourself and your life. You can do so by learning how to open and read your own Akashic Records (which you can do through my Akashic Records Certification Program) or by working with a certified Akashic Records Reader (ARR) who can access your Records for you. Either way, the main goal of an Akashic Records reading is always to provide a sense of hope, relief, empowerment, and increased possibilities as you move through your life.

This article dispels 5 common myths about the Akashic Records and about what it actually means to work with the energy of the Records.


MYTH #1: An Akashic Records reading is a past life reading.

Truth: not necessarily. Although we typically can and do receive past life information through the Records, this is not always the case. Sometimes an Akashic Records reading will focus more prominently on where you are right now and what you can do to move forward, rather than looking at past lifetime experiences.

The thing is, you can’t come into an Akashic Records reading expecting what’s going to come through for you. An Akashic Records reading is not like hypnosis or past life regression. Your Guides will direct the reading where it needs to go. If a section or moment of a past life experience is relevant and important for your current healing, rest assured that it will be revealed.

However, it’s easy to use the Records to spiritually bypass one’s current reality and to distract oneself with fanciful stories about whatever might have happened in past lifetimes – or whether we were a soldier, or a nurse, or a spiritual teacher, or a nun, or any other identity in a past life.

Ultimately, the best way to enter an Akashic Records reading is without expectations about what type of information will come through. Your receptivity and openness will allow your Guides to orchestrate the reading and show you the most relevant and useful information for you where you are right now.


MYTH #2: The Akashic Records can’t be changed.

Truth: of course they can. That’s why we do the work of accessing the Records and healing ourselves! Nothing is written in stone, and time is an illusion. Therefore, when you heal yourself today, you’re also healing aspects of yourself in your past lifetimes and also aspects of yourself in future incarnations.

The Akashic Records don’t tell you about your “destiny” or “fate” because YOU create your own destiny as you go along, making specific choices in your life. The Records are a source of guidance and helpful direction; they’re not a pre-determined record of what is yet to unfold in your life.

By actively taking ownership of your life and moving towards greater and greater awareness about yourself and where you are (and what brought you to where you are), you can access your Records intentionally and use whatever comes up to alter the course of your life positively. By doing this, you are also rewriting the past and the future, across all time and space.

For more details on how the Records can actually be changed, see my post on this here.


MYTH #3: The Akashic Records can tell you about your future.

Truth: no tool or reading can predict the future, since the future is not written yet. You write it as you go along. If a reader claims to be able to tell you when you will get married, or when you will move, or when you will get that promotion at work – I’d advise you to find a different reader.

Every single choice you make in every moment influences and changes your future. You’re not destined to play out a reality that has already been written for you. The Akashic Records, rather than telling you about your future, empower you in the present moment so you can actually make the choices that will help you CREATE the future you want to experience.

Fortune-telling questions aren’t very productive when working with the Records, anyway. Try to phrase questions that start with “how” and “what” rather than “when” or “where.” For instance, instead of asking “when will I move?” or “where will I move to?” you can ask, “how can I ensure a smooth transition when I move?” or “what do I need to know so I can choose the best possible location for me?”


MYTH #4: The Akashic Records are difficult to access. (Also: not everyone can access the Records.)

Truth: although it might seem difficult to someone who hasn’t developed his or her intuition, accessing the Records is mostly a matter of being in alignment with your higher self and with Source energy. In order to access the Records, you must do the work of clearing yourself out of anything that might get in the way of receiving divine guidance – for example: fear, worry, self-doubt, skepticism, and embarrassment. These are all forms of resistance that create static and block your ability to receive downloads of cosmic information.

Therefore, if you do this healing work on yourself and get clear enough, you can definitely learn how to access the Records.

It’s not that some of us are born with spiritual gifts and intuition and others are not. We’re all born as intuitive beings, totally connected to Source energy – that’s where we come from! It’s only through social and cultural conditioning (and mis-education through social institutions like traditional schools) that we become disconnected from spirit and that we turn away from higher forms of wisdom and intuitive guidance. Reclaiming these abilities isn’t about adding any new abilities to your arsenal; it’s about removing any conditioning or belief systems that get in the way of you being naturally intuitive, which is what you are at your core.

One of my primary goals as an Akashic Records teacher is to make the Records accessible to as many people as possible, and to normalize the process of accessing and using the Records actively to make choices in our lives. This is how it SHOULD be for all of us!


MYTH #5: The Akashic Records can’t be combined with any other spiritual tool or modality.

Truth: actually, the Akashic Records are quite versatile and can be combined with a number of other spiritual tools. In my own practice, I often open clients’ Records before starting a Tarot reading. This way, I combine the Records + the Tarot to create a powerful marriage of abstract information and guidance (which comes through the Records) with the archetypal images and symbols of the Tarot.

The Akashic Records can also be opened at the start of an intuitive healing session to ensure that the clients’ Spirit Guides are directing the healing work. The Records are also useful in combination with coaching sessions, since they can help provide a higher and more intuitive aspect to the practical strategies that are produced through coaching.

Two other areas where the Records really shine are meditation and journaling. Try opening your own Records (once you’ve learned how to do that with an Akashic Records teacher) and asking a question before you meditate. Then, use your meditation to receive any Akashic guidance that comes through in answer to the question. You can try the same with journaling: sit down, breathe, close your eyes, open your Records, ask a question – and then write. What comes through for you when you do this, versus when you just sit down to journal without accessing the Records? The difference can truly be astounding.

Sometimes I even advise my Akashic Records students to experiment with more “active” readings – for example, by opening their own Records before they go on a hike or for a walk. What happens when you do this? Is it easier for you to receive information in this active way, instead of just sitting and waiting for something to come through? The beauty of the Records lies in their infinite flexibility and usefulness.

Interested in an Akashic Records Healing Session? Learn more about how I work with the Akashic Records here.

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