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6 Key Attitudes to Effectively Access the Akashic Records

Accessing the Akashic Records doesn’t have to be a complicated or difficult process.

In fact, we all have the divine birthright to be able to access and read our own Akashic Records. As with any other skill, it takes some practice and work to refine your ability to connect and receive guidance clearly.

But once you master this skill, you’ll be able to access your Akashic Records on command as you navigate daily life. Here are some (not exhaustive!) benefits of being able to do so:

  • discover your Soul purpose (why are you here & what are you here to do)
  • solve problems with greater ease
  • heal long-standing issues
  • release dysfunctional or unhelpful patterns
  • stay in the flow of life
  • receive guidance & clarity from the Akasha as soon as issues or challenges show up
  • release resistance to change, which supports your ability to make positive transformations in your life
  • feel more connected, empowered, unlimited, and confident
  • feel more supported in your daily life
  • receive guidance from the Akasha to carve out your path in your own ways, without relying on external validation or asking others for permission

This post outlines six key attitudes that can help you effectively access the Akasha and read your own Records.

If you want to jump straight into learning how to open your Records using a step-by-step process, you can explore my training here: Akashic Records Level 1 Course


ATTITUDE #1: Surrender / Let Go of Control

Opposite attitude: resistance / trying to control the process

Why it’s important: Surrendering is perhaps the most essential attitude you must adopt to effectively access the Akashic Records. Tapping into the Akasha requires you to be in a receptive, open, elevated state of consciousness.

To put it a bit more scientifically, you must shift from beta brain waves – thinking, analyzing, comparing, rationalizing – into alpha brain waves. Alpha are slower brain waves that make you feel calm, deeply relaxed, in the flow, and open to any experience without judgment or censorship. In other words, you must go beyond your analytical mind and ego mind to effectively tap into the Akasha and read your own Records.

You must also be willing to surrender to the higher wisdom of the Record Keepers – the benevolent beings of light who work with us inside of the Records. If you try to control the process or outcome, try to make something happen, or judge/analyze what’s happening, you will introduce resistance and make it much harder to truly receive.

Affirmations to cultivate surrender: 

“I am willing to surrender and let go of control.”

“I am willing to be carried by the Record Keepers wherever they want me to go, for my highest good and healing.”

“I open to receive and trust that my experience will be exactly what I need right now.”


ATTITUDE #2: Integrity

Opposite attitude: dishonesty / self-betrayal

Why it’s important: You can’t access the Akashic Records from a state of dishonesty, either with yourself or others. Tapping into the Akasha requires you to show up as exactly who you are in this lifetime, without any pretense. When you pretend to be someone you’re not, or that something in your life is ok when it isn’t, or that you’re happy when you’re really not, you’re expending a lot of energy. This robs you of your vital life force and eventually shuts down your energy centers, or chakras.

I often say in my Akashic Records classes that the Records will shine a light on any dark corner of your life, any corner where you’ve been hiding or pretending. The truth will always come to the surface when you’re working with the Akasha. This is why it’s really important to drop all pretense, drop all masks or costumes you’ve been wearing to avoid conflict, to please others, to stay in your comfort zone, or to get external approval.

Affirmations to cultivate integrity:

“I recognize, honor, and speak my truth.”

“I stay in my personal integrity even when it’s challenging.”

“I act, speak, and make choices based on my highest values and truth.”


ATTITUDE #3: Personal Responsibility / Active Participation

Opposite attitude: victimhood / expecting others to fix you / passivity 

Why it’s important: Working with the Akashic Records is truly a magical experience. And, at the same time, your active participation is required. True change and transformation won’t happen in your life if you access your Records, receive helpful information, and then do nothing with it. You must follow through and play an active role in your healing process.

Expecting something – anything – outside of yourself to fix or heal you means you’re giving your power away. It’s possible to even give your power away to the Akashic Records, which is a form of spiritual bypassing. This happens when you believe that the Records hold ALL the answers for you and that without them, you wouldn’t be able to heal.

You can’t evolve and grow spiritually – or in any other way – by being passive. Be mindful of any tendency to give your power away, to expect others to fix or solve things for you, or to avoid doing the real work of transformation in your life.

Affirmations to cultivate personal responsibility:

“I am strong and capable enough to take ownership of my healing.”

“I release the tendency to blame others when I am unhappy.”

“As best as I can, I implement the insights I receive from the Akashic Records to heal and grow.”


ATTITUDE #4: Emotional Stability

Opposite attitude: emotional upheaval / being stuck in survival mode

Why it’s important: When you’re living in survival mode, it feels like you’re jumping from crisis to crisis. You’re living by the hormones of stress, such as cortisol and adrenaline. In this state of being, it’s very challenging to activate and use your higher faculties – your ability to receive, your intuitive senses, your connection to the Divine, your higher consciousness.

To tap into the Akasha, you must ascend your consciousness beyond the 3rd dimension of materiality – the dimension of things, egos, personalities, cars, money, mortgages, human drama. You must shed the density of your human ego and get beyond fear, get beyond self-doubt, get beyond skepticism and rational analysis. This, in turn, requires you to be in creative mode, as opposed to survival mode.

I always advise my students to avoid accessing the Akasha in a state of emotional distress or emergency. This isn’t the ideal time to tune in, because your energy will be frantic and scattered. It’s best to deal with the emergency or distress first, settle down, and return to the Akasha once you’re in a calm, emotionally stable, elevated state of consciousness.

Affirmations to cultivate emotional stability:

“I am centered, calm, and at peace.”

“I can watch my emotions rising and falling without identifying with them.”

“As a soul having a human experience, I am strong, capable, and resilient.”

For more help with this, you can listen to my podcast on finding inner peace (with guided meditation): Are you choosing peace above all else?


ATTITUDE #5: Detachment

Opposite attitude: attachment to outcomes

Why it’s important: Attachment to outcomes – wanting to hear/receive specific information or healing from the Records – often gets in the way of truly surrendering. This is because you’re assuming, on some level, that you know more than the Akasha and that you can control the outcome of your Akashic experience.

Every time you journey into the Records, you’ll receive exactly what you need in that moment. So a much more helpful attitude is detachment – to release all expectations, agendas, and attachments to having a specific experience. This includes releasing judgments and preconceived notions of what an Akashic journey should look or feel like.

Sometimes, your journeys into the Records will be mind-blowing, transformative, very energizing, and full of information and images and sensations. Other times, your journeys will be much more subtle: you’ll simply feel a sense of relaxation or calm. Other times, a challenging emotion or thought or sensation might show up. This is still valid and you must trust that if it’s coming up, it’s coming up for a reason – typically to be looked at and healed in some way.

Affirmations to cultivate detachment:

“I open up to the higher wisdom of the Records, surrendering any agendas or expectations of what the experience should feel or look like.”

“I welcome the experience of being surprised by the information that comes through.”

“I open up to the highest healing potential of the Records, knowing that I will have the most aligned and helpful journey for me.”


ATTITUDE #6: Trust

Opposite attitude: disbelief, doubt, skepticism

Why it’s important: Trusting yourself is an essential part not only of working with the Records, but of connecting to and hearing your intuition. When you’re stuck in self-doubt, it becomes difficult to trust other people and even the Universe itself. Self-doubt is another form of giving your power away. I often find that clients with a lot of self-doubt are leaking energy from the solar plexus, the center of willpower and self-confidence in our energy bodies.

Tapping into the Akasha effectively requires you to feel stable and confident in your solar plexus, and in every other energy center of your body. At the very least, you must feel a sense of curiosity and openness that’s driving you forward – even if you don’t feel 100% self-confident yet (that can be cultivated with the help of the Records!).

Skepticism is one of the faculties, or attitudes, of your rational, ego mind. Of course, in many instances skepticism can be helpful. You don’t want to be so suggestible or so naive that others take advantage of you. However, working with the Records requires you to return to a state of beginner’s mind, of total openness and wonder, where you put any skepticism aside and dive in deeply into the experience.

Affirmations to cultivate trust:

“I trust myself.”

“I trust in my intuitive abilities (and in my ability to continue developing my gifts).”

“I trust in the Akashic Records, and I trust that the Record Keepers have my highest good and healing in mind.”

“I trust the guidance I receive, even if it isn’t logical or linear.”


Cultivating these six key attitudes will help you powerfully connect and receive clear guidance from the Akashic Records. To take your learning and Akashic experiences deeper, you can explore my training here: Akashic Records Level 1 Course

Akashic Records Level 1 Course

With love,

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