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6 Resistance Patterns You Must Heal to Grow Your Spiritual Business

As a healer, coach, or spiritual entrepreneur, you will often hit up against resistance when you’re trying to grow your spiritual business. This is just a natural part of the process.

Being a spiritual entrepreneur requires you to be totally authentic, vulnerable, and courageous in many ways. It requires you to take uncomfortable risks like putting yourself out there and opening yourself up to criticism and rejection. This can trigger old wounds, fears, and – yup – resistance.

In this article, I will walk you through 6 major resistance patterns that can come up on the path of the healer and spiritual entrepreneur.

It’s a powerful practice to begin noticing which of these patterns apply to you. Other questions to consider as you read through the list:

  • When do these patterns come up for you?
  • What triggers them? (And, oppositely, what soothes them?)
  • How have these patterns stopped you in the past?
  • How far do you allow yourself to go beyond your comfort zone before you STOP yourself?

Let’s dive in!

RESISTANCE PATTERN #1: All-or-nothing thinking

All-or-nothing thinking, also known as black-or-white thinking, is a form of cognitive dissonance. You can recognize this pattern when you start thinking (or saying) things like, “well, I already ate a cookie this morning, so I might as well eat this cake, pizza, chips, and candy bar.” Sound familiar?

The same thought pattern can come up in your business. You might say to yourself, “well, I didn’t write that blog post this morning (as I said I would), so I might as well watch Netflix for the rest of the day.” Or, you might set a specific goal for the month (like signing up 10 new clients) and when it doesn’t materialize, you feel dejected and want to give up altogether.

A good countermeasure to all-or-nothing thinking is “YES, AND…” thinking. Taking the example above, you might reframe your thought as, “I didn’t write that blog post this morning, AND I can still write it later today or work on another business task that feels aligned right now.”

RESISTANCE PATTERN #2: One foot in, one foot out

Trying to grow your spiritual business while holding down a full-time job isn’t easy (if that’s where you are). I get it! And this is often where the “one foot in, one foot out” resistance pattern shows up. You’ve got one foot in your spiritual business, and the other foot in your full-time job.

Of course, there’s NOTHING wrong with staying at your job while you build your business. In fact, whenever possible, I recommend this!

The important thing is to commit fully to your spiritual business while you’re still working another job (or doing other work to support yourself financially). This is because a fragmented, contradictory, or conflicted energy will stop you from manifesting what you really want with your business.

A good antidote to this resistance pattern is to set aside specific blocks of time to work on your business, maybe on the evenings or weekends at first. During these blocks of time, make sure to get really centered and to let go mentally and energetically of anything that’s unrelated to your spiritual business. Commit to making this time as productive, focused, and aligned as possible.

RESISTANCE PATTERN #3: The need to know the HOW

One of my own business coaches often talks about this resistance pattern, which shows up when your brain gets stuck in “how, how, how?” mode. In this pattern, you might wonder: “yes, I want XYZ (more clients, more money, a book deal, etc)… BUT HOW will I get there?” 

Obviously, figuring out the HOW will be a crucial component of setting your business up for success. You must know HOW you will get from point A (i.e., an empty calendar) to point B (i.e., a full waiting list of soulmate clients).

However, a compulsive or obsessive need to know the HOW – and feeling so frustrated about it that you quit all your efforts – is a form of resistance. Sometimes, as an intuitive entrepreneur, you need to sit in stillness and silence to RECEIVE the how. You must tune in to your inner guidance and wait for divine inspiration about it.

Remember: trying to force the HOW or the WAY rarely, if ever, leads to the outcome that you’re trying to manifest.

RESISTANCE PATTERN #4: Indecision about which actions to take

A very common resistance pattern is indecision about which actions to take in your business. This pattern is fueled by the almost infinite business strategies and “power tips” that you can find online from a million different sources. This can be overwhelming and confusing, leaving you wondering which strategies and actions will actually move the ball forward.

Here, I (lovingly!) invite you to remember that “indecision” is actually a decision – the decision to not make a choice.

When you stay in the mode of “I don’t know which way to go… so I won’t move in any direction”, you’re literally roadblocking your own progress. Stay alert about this resistance pattern and remember that choosing a direction – ANY direction – is better and more powerful than choosing nothing at all.

If you make a choice and take an action, you will at least be able to gather some information about its effectiveness. You’ll also know how it actually feels to take that action, and whether you want to incorporate it as part of your business strategy or not.

RESISTANCE PATTERN #5: Hiding behind your desk syndrome

For online entrepreneurs, this is a classic form of resistance. (As an introvert and highly sensitive person, I so get this one!)

It’s tempting to hide behind your desk, post on Facebook a couple of times per week, and just say “well, it’s not working” when nobody books with you. Behind this resistance lies the fear of visibility, one of the top 2-3 fears that spiritual entrepreneurs face as they’re trying to put themselves out there.

Let’s do a quick experiment: think about the idea of speaking on a podcast, being interviewed for an online summit or workshop, or putting up a video of yourself on your homepage.

Does the idea of these things freak you out? Do you start to panic or sweat a little bit? (No judgment! Public speaking is pretty much everyone’s number 1 fear.)

If you answered YES, then you’re probably dealing with the fear of becoming visible. Be gentle about this pattern because the last thing you want to do is stress yourself out or put unnecessary pressure on yourself.

At the same time, consider the idea of going beyond your comfort zone. Could you start really small, by posting a quick 5-minute video on Instagram? Or even just creating a video of yourself speaking about your services (as practice) without posting it anywhere? Could you reach out to ONE person who might be interested in your services to let them know you’re open for business and also taking referrals?

These kinds of actions start to move you from behind your desk and towards gaining the visibility that will get you clients and opportunities.

RESISTANCE PATTERN #6: Reluctance to invest in yourself

This was a big one for me in the beginning. I was VERY reluctant to invest in myself and my business. Ultimately, it came down to not believing in myself and my worth. Not believing in the massive value I could offer my clients. Not believing in the importance of smart investment and of making a commitment to my future.

Now, after investing in many business programs, individual coaching, and high-level masterminds, I believe 100% in investing continuously in my business. Actually, investing in one-on-one coaching has given me the highest ROI (return on investment) in terms of client bookings and growing my business than anything else I’ve ever done.

If you’re in a place of reluctance or fear about investing in yourself right now, consider what might be underneath that. Is it a matter of low self-worth? Of feeling like you’re not good enough? Of feeling like you need to get permission to spend money on yourself?

You can also think about this pattern in your life more broadly. What other times have you refused to invest in yourself financially, emotionally, or energetically? Have you invested your time and energy into one-sided relationships? Do you typically downplay your own value and contributions at work and in relationships?

Be aware of how this pattern plays out for you, not only in business but in other areas of your life. Start giving yourself the permission to invest in yourself, your gifts, and the life and business you want to create. 


Finally, as you work through and heal these resistance patterns, ask yourself this powerful question: if you were embodying your HIGHEST LEVEL SELF, your inner Goddess, your Divine Self, what would you do INSTEAD of falling back into these old patterns? What would move you forward? Allow the answer to come from deep within. And whatever it is, DO IT!

To your abundant success,

If you’re ready to step fully into your power as a healer or spiritual entrepreneur, I invite you to schedule a discovery call. We’ll talk about where your business currently is, the challenges you’re facing (including the resistance patterns from this post), and how you can overcome those challenges to attract your soulmate clients and do your highest-level work.

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