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8 Daily Reminders for Freedom, Peace, and Expansion

On the spiritual path, it’s essential to do things every day to stay aligned with Higher Truth.

The more you connect to Universal Truth on a daily basis, the more you’re able to maintain a high-level frequency in your body, mind, and energy field.

This is what the 8 daily reminders are for. They can help you:

  • honor and live up to your commitment to walk the spiritual path
  • live in integrity with your Soul and with the Universe
  • flow with universal forces and with whatever is arising in your life, instead of trying to resist it
  • stay anchored in the truth that you are a Divine being having a human experience.

My intention is for these 8 daily reminders to serve as spiritual scaffolding for you, every day, as often as you need them.

You can come back to them whenever you feel “the wobble”… whenever you start to veer off the path… whenever something comes up in your life that makes you a little bit shaky and tempts you to forget the truth of Who and what you are.

So let’s begin.


Daily reminder #1: You ARE, indeed, a Divine being in a human body.

Your Soul chose to incarnate into this physical vessel for the purposes of growing and evolving to the highest possible level, which you can only do by being anchored in a human body, having a human experience.

First of all and above all, you are a Divine being.

You are not just “part of” the Divine, you are not just “part of” the Universe…

… you ARE Divine.

You ARE the Universe expressing itself through a human body and a human life.

You are made of the primary creative substance of this Universe, which is always within you and which enables you to function here as a powerful Creator of your life, your destiny, your path, and your dreams.

Daily reminder #2: It’s ok to be human, it’s ok to have an ego, it’s ok to get triggered or to experience deep and intense feelings.

You’ll hear in some spiritual circles that the goal is to get rid of ego, demolish your ego, demolish your humanity and become MORE than a human.

Of course, we want to work towards evolving and shedding layers of stuff that doesn’t serve us. We want to examine our triggers as clearly as we can so we can gradually dissolve them and be able to remain centered no matter what’s going on around us.

WHILE we work towards these spiritual goals, we must honor and embrace the fact that we ARE human, on one level, and that our humanity is not a fault, a weakness, or something to be wrestled to the ground.

Give yourself grace, compassion, and room to grow – and allow yourself to be human today.

This creates space for vulnerability, for being your genuine self, for trying things and making mistakes and course-correcting, for not needing to have all the answers.

What a relief.

Allow yourself to be human today, while still always keeping in the back of your mind the firm knowledge that you are a Divine being first and foremost.

Daily reminder #3: You are creating your path by taking one step at a time.

No one can hand you a guide or map to your path, or to your life’s purpose.

YOU hold the deepest and truest knowledge about your path and purpose inside of your own heart.

Your Soul is always whispering to you and communicating with you about your purpose – are you listening?

It’s so much easier to receive and follow the guidance of your Soul – and to follow the next steps that are required for you on your path – if you intentionally create time and space to be with yourself, by yourself, without distractions and without having to take care of anyone else.

You are worth this sacred time to yourself.

You are worth being cared for.

You are worthy, PERIOD.

Daily reminder #4: You’re not here to play small.

You’re not here to dim, shrink, or suppress yourself to keep others happy, or make them more comfortable, or make life more convenient for them.

The time for self-suppression is over.

You are now in a stage of your life where your FULL presence is required in your life and in the world.

Your full presence means being fully here, fully authentic, fully genuine.

It means allowing your brilliance, unique ideas, unique creativity, and unique way of being to shine.

Without apology.

Without hiding.

Without asking for permission.

Daily reminder #5: The state of your life, and what you’re experiencing in your outer reality, is a direct reflection or projection of your inner state – particularly your frequency and belief systems.

If you believe life is hard, life will be hard.

If you believe you are unlucky, your life will bring you more instances of feeling unlucky.

If you believe you don’t have enough time to meditate or connect with your Soul at a deeper level, and you believe you are powerless in changing this…

… your life will give you more instances of feeling like you don’t have enough time and more feelings of powerlessness about it.

Instead, if you believe life can be easier and you can flow with the direction of life instead of trying to fight it… then things will get easier and you’ll find new ways to flow.

If you believe you CAN change your circumstances, or at least have a profound effect on them, based on how you think, how you speak, how you make choices…

… then life will begin to show you all the ways in which you ARE powerful and can make changes in your life.

If you believe it’s safe and ok to receive love and support from the Universe and from other people – then more people and opportunities and new doorways will show up, all designed to assist you in the ways you most need.

Your internal state is the projector; and your outer reality – your physical life on the 3D plane – is the screen.

Whatever you have going on internally will be directly projected onto that screen, and that’s what you will experience.

So be mindful today of what you project onto that screen.

Daily reminder #6: Universal Truth is that wherever there is demand, there is also an infinite supply.

This means that whatever you desire – i.e., wherever you are feeling a lack or gap in your life; this is the demand for something – there’s also, at the very same time, an infinite supply already here of what you are most desiring.

This is how the Universe operates. It cannot be any other way.

Whenever you desire something, especially if you REALLY desire it, you must know and trust that there’s a full supply of this desire already in your energy field, waiting for you to align completely to it and ALLOW it in.

What keeps you from allowing it in is your lack of belief, lack of trust, and any feelings of being unworthy of having it.

Consciously and gradually work on increasing your trust in this Universal Supply while reducing any old beliefs of unworthiness (as much as you can), and your desires inevitably MUST be fulfilled and realized.

Daily reminder #7: There is a stream of abundance flowing at all times in this Universe, and it is accessible to ALL of us.

It flows in all directions, and through all things – including you.

This stream never disappears, never dries up, and nothing can stop it from flowing.

You, as a distinct being with free will, can choose to tap into this stream of abundance and stay tapped into it (allowing abundance to flow directly into your life and to spill over)…

… OR you can choose to disconnect from this stream of abundance, deny that it’s there, argue for your own limitations, and convince yourself that the stream must have dried up.

Well, it hasn’t. It’s always flowing.

The stream is forever accessible to you.

You may need to make a small (or big) shift today to reconnect to this stream of abundance and to begin feeling it in your life again… or to connect even more powerfully to it and allow MORE of that abundance to flow.

This small or big shift may involve shedding old attachments, such as letting go of things, people, or situations in your life that are draining you.

You may need to clear out old belief patterns such as “there’s not enough to go around” and consciously align yourself with the Higher Truth that there’s MORE than enough to go around, lack is an illusion, and YOU are powerful enough to break through that illusion now.

Daily reminder #8: You’re here to be a wayshower, a lightworker, a conscious leader who leads with love, light, freedom, and a clear mission and purpose.

You’re here to do your essential and deep inner work, first. You’re here to heal yourself, as much as you can, so you can then empower others.

You’re here to help humans wake up and walk through the process of awakening and expansion.

You’re here to show up for others with your full presence, clarity, non-judgment, love, and masterful skills and abilities.

You’re not here to be a follower.

You’re not here to hide in the back of the crowd (or backstage!).

You’re here, now, to take a central role in the awakening and evolution of humanity.

You’re here to raise consciousness and help as many humans as possible become free of old baggage, attachments, and belief systems that hold them hostage.

You’re here to do profound work, with yourself first, and then with others…

… and you’re here to fulfill a sacred, high-level purpose that no one else can fulfill.

No one else can do YOUR work, or live out your Divine mission.

So use your time here wisely to create your impact and legacy, in accordance with your Soul.

You’re here to be powerful, and to help others activate their power as well.

I hope you’ll return to these daily reminders whenever you need to strengthen the truth within you, align yourself with a source of clarity and confidence, and support your expansion and peace.

With love,


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Thank you for being here!

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2 thoughts on “8 Daily Reminders for Freedom, Peace, and Expansion”

  1. psychicrajsharma

    These daily reminders are like a breath of fresh air, guiding us toward freedom and peace in our daily lives. Incorporating them into our routines can lead to profound expansion and inner growth. Thank you for sharing these empowering insights!

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