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8 Strategies to Give Powerful Akashic Record Readings

Giving powerful Akashic Record readings is a great responsibility that requires practice and skill.

The Akashic Records are not an exclusive tool. We all have the Divine right to access them. However, being able to work with the Records powerfully and ethically to really help your clients takes time and practice.

In this article, I outline 8 strategies to take your Akashic Record readings to a higher level. I use these strategies myself in my own readings. They’re based on years of teaching and practical experience with the Records.

Strategy #1: Activate Your Heart Sight

Before each client reading, I get really centered and consciously drop down to my heart.

This is especially important for me because I tend to be an overthinker. It’s easy for me to exist “from the neck up” and go into a reading from a purely intellectual/mental place.

But the best, most powerful readings always come from a heart-centered place. To avoid staying in your head, make it a regular practice to take a few deep breaths and drop down into your heart before a reading.

I do this by sending out an energetic link to the client ahead of time, from my heart to her heart. I also tune into the client’s excitement about having the session. I ask my Guides to clear out any resistance, fear, or trepidation that might be coming up.

I also ask my Guides to help me activate what I call my heart sight. This means that I want to see my client – and the work we do together – through my heart rather than my head. This helps to cultivate an energy of non-judgment, unconditional love, and support ahead of time.

As a bonus, dropping down to my heart helps to calm any nerves or anticipatory anxiety I might have before a reading.

Strategy #2: Embrace Anticipatory Anxiety as Part of the Process

Working with clients – especially new clients you’ve never worked with before – can bring up feelings of anticipatory anxiety, adrenaline, even fear.

This comes up naturally when you’re walking into an unknown situation.

An Akashic Record session with a new client (or even with a long-time client!) is definitely an unknown situation. You can’t know what’s going to happen in advance, where the reading will take you, how you will interpret the information that comes through, or how receptive the client will be.

All of these mysteries can infuse the process with adrenaline and “stage fright.” Instead of trying to fight against this, it’s important to accept and embrace these feelings as part of the process.

For me, any anxiety or fear tends to dissipate 5 minutes into the session. Over time, I’ve just had to recognize that these feelings are part of my process and not to resist or push them away.

Instead, I try to be curious and detached when these feelings come up right before a session. I repeat supportive mantras like:

  • Aah, there’s that anticipatory anxiety again! That’s a familiar feeling. This is an unknown situation, so it makes sense for me to feel this way.
  • I know I have all the resources and tools I need to get through this session. I’ve done this many times before.
  • I can handle the unknown and work with whatever comes up. I don’t have to get it perfect.
  • I don’t know what’s going to come up in this session, and that’s ok. I don’t need to know. I will work in collaboration with this client and the Records to make sense of whatever comes up.

Strategy #3: Let Go of Seeking Approval

This one comes directly from personal experience, as I’ve had to work through a pattern of people-pleasing in this lifetime.

Notice if you’re trying to please, satisfy, or entertain the client to make sure they approve of you. You might also have a pattern of over-delivering or giving too much of yourself in a session. This is typically fueled by feelings of having to prove your worth.

These dysfunctional patterns can prevent you from giving truly powerful readings.

If you’re more focused on how you look, how you sound, how you’re being perceived by the client, then your focus is not where it’s supposed to be. Your focus is supposed to be on the client, which means you need to get yourself and your ego out of the way.

I like to use this mantra before client sessions as well:

  • I’m not here to get their approval. I’m here to help them become more powerful.

Notice the difference in these two things. Trying to get someone’s approval puts you in a position of subservience and doing whatever you can to please them. If you shift your focus to helping your clients become powerful, this opens you up to being of service in a more empowered and authentic way. It also liberates you to be more of yourself – your imperfect self – in each session.

Strategy #4: Embody Presence & Emptiness

Another important practice is to embody presence and emptiness.

You don’t want to show up to a session loaded with your own baggage. Or preoccupied with your own issues. Or worried about what you have to do the next day.

You want to show up as empty as possible. This means taking a few minutes before the session to clear yourself. Clear out any baggage, attachments, thoughts, and ego agendas.

To be a powerful channel of Akashic Records wisdom, you must become an empty vessel. If you’re filled with your own ideas, thoughts, and preconceptions, you’ll block the clear and powerful information that wants to come through.

Being of service during a client session means being present and fully engaged. It means showing your client with everything you say and do during the session that you’re here to collaborate with them. That you’ll go as deep as you can together. And that you’re not preoccupied with anything unrelated to the session.

Strategy #5: Practice Unconditional Positive Regard

Unconditional positive regard is a concept developed by humanistic psychologist Carl Rogers. This idea is typically applied in therapeutic contexts, but it can be really useful when working with Akashic Record clients as well.

Basically, unconditional positive regard means accepting and supporting another person regardless of what they say or do (which is why it’s called “unconditional”). In an Akashic Record session, clients will often share their deepest fears, limiting beliefs, challenges, and perceived flaws. Clients often allow themselves to become really vulnerable.

It’s important to create a safe container of support and non-judgment for our clients. They must know (and feel) that whatever they share is confidential and that they won’t be judged. (*Of course, there’s an exception to this if clients bring up issues of a criminal nature or if they’re planning on hurting themselves or others. If they do, we must get outside help and refer them to a licensed professional. Always acknowledge the limitations of what you can do with the Records — that’s an important ethical thing to do.) 

Unconditional positive regard requires you to check your own internal biases, prejudices, and judgments. Being mindful of these will allow you to track your internal responses to your clients. This will then help you clear out any judgmental or triggering responses that come up for you during a session. Always be conscious of making a mental note and working on these issues with your own healer later on!

Strategy #6: Help Your Clients Formulate Powerful Questions

As I mention in this guide, formulating powerful questions is an essential part of working with the Akashic Records.

Sometimes, clients will come in with questions that aren’t appropriate for the Records. These might include fortune-telling questions (“When will I meet my soulmate?”) and yes-or-no questions (“Should I take this job offer or not?”). The Records like to provide much more nuanced information than this.

Also, the Records don’t work for fortune-telling because there are infinite possibilities at any given time. Not to mention that you’re creating your reality and life as you go along.

Helping your clients re-phrase their questions can be a very important part of a session. Make sure to spend enough time on this so you can access the highest, most useful, most specific level of guidance inside the Records.

The best practice is to help your clients formulate questions that are self-focused (not focused on others), open-ended, and expansive.

Strategy #7: Detach from Having to be “Right”

In the book Man and His Symbols, Carl Jung says that “it is more important in therapy for the patient to understand than for the analyst’s theoretical expectations to be satisfied.” 

This concept applies to Akashic Records work as well. For our purposes, we can translate Jung’s statement into:

it is more important in Akashic Records work for the client to understand and connect to the information that comes through than for the reader to be right about every interpretation.

Working with the Records sometimes feels like fumbling around in the dark. Sometimes you receive images or information that don’t seem to make sense, or that feel irrational, or that you can’t easily decipher. As a reader, you can’t be attached to always being “right” about your interpretations of whatever comes through.

It’s much more useful for you to help the client understand the information in a way that resonates with them. It’s even more important, whenever possible, to invite the client to collaborate on interpreting what you receive. This way, they can have more ownership over the information and how it applies to their life.

Of course, as readers we want to be accurate in our readings. But you must let go of your attachment to accuracy or to blowing your client’s mind with how brilliant the information is. Instead, focus on working together with the client to understand what you’re seeing and receiving.

And always be willing to say, “this is what I’m getting, but I’m not attached to being right about it… does this make sense to you?”

*None of this is to say that Akashic Records work is a substitute for or equivalent to therapy. It’s not. Our clients aren’t patients and we don’t enter into a therapeutic relationship with them. Just for clarity’s sake!*

Strategy #8: Become a Certified Reader

Another way to take your readings to the next level is to become a certified reader.

Certification through an Akashic Records training program can help you master your craft, refine your reading approach, and uplevel your intuitive skills.

Akashic Records certification also gives you more credibility and authority when working with clients (or when speaking with potential clients).

If you’re interested in taking this step, you can explore my Akashic Records Certification Program.

And if this post brings up any questions or insights, please let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!

With love,

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