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Josephine Hardman, PhD

Intuitive Healer & Akashic Records Teacher

I was born two months early on December 15, 1986 (Sagittarius / Fire Tiger). My soul was eager to incarnate into a physical body so I could start doing my work in this lifetime.

I've been a lifelong spiritual seeker. My awareness of something bigger than ourselves – Divine Source, God, Goddess, universal wisdom – was fostered ever since I was a child. I grew up in a deeply spiritual home with parents who introduced me to meditation, yoga, the Tarot, the Akashic Records. (My dad kept a Tarot deck in his office desk, and I’d often look through the cards as a young child, mystified by the imagery. My mom, a psychotherapist and energy healer, introduced me to the language of Spirit Guides, energy fields, and the Akashic Records.)

My parents also taught me that I create my own reality, that I have infinite choices, and that I’m a powerful being of light. (We all are.)

My love of language and literature led me down a detour, my own heroine’s journey. Right after my undergraduate studies, I got an MA and PhD in English Literature and taught college (Shakespeare, drama, writing) for 10 years. For a long time, I was convinced that my path was in the world of academia. I worked hard and lined everything up to become a tenured professor.

During my last few years of grad school and teaching, though, something shifted. I started to feel a sense of loss and longing in my heart.

A voice from inside was whispering that I was meant to be somewhere else, doing something else. A few impactful and awakening experiences – including physical illness, unfulfilling relationships, issues with self-worth, and bouts with great anxiety and fear that paralyzed me – led me to the realization that I was meant to do spiritual work and help others heal. This was work I couldn’t do in academia. So, despite the intense fear of losing everything I had worked for – and not knowing if I would be successful at running a business – I left the academic world behind.

By that point, I was already equipped with a few certifications in different healing modalities (Angel Therapy, Akashic Records, energy healing). I had also taught myself how to work with the Tarot and combine the cards with my other healing approaches.

With my hands trembling, butterflies in my stomach, and uncertain of what would happen, I launched my own business and started offering healing sessions.

Today, in 2020, I’ve been in spiritual business full-time for five years. My practice has grown exponentially, and I’ve since launched my Akashic Records Certification Program to support my clients who wish to learn how to heal themselves and others.

My mission has evolved over time. Today, I am passionate about helping my clients become sovereign beings and unshackle themselves of old conditioning and dysfunctional patterns. I strive every day to serve others with integrity, to help fellow healers and spiritual workers find and embody their magic, and to co-create powerful healing experiences with my soulmate clients.

The space I create for my clients is non-judgmental, unconditionally loving, and supportive. At the same time, I challenge my clients to go as deep as they can, to tell the truth about themselves and their lives, and to bring their own awareness and intuition to our sessions. I am not “the Oracle”, nor I wish to be. I am happiest and most fulfilled when my clients rediscover their inner authority and stop asking others for permission to be themselves and to follow their soul path.

I’d love to create something together and shift your healing – or spiritual business – to the next level. Please connect with me through my contact form or email or schedule a discovery call.

With love,

Josephine Hardman intuitive healer business coach

My Training

BA in English (Florida Atlantic University)
MA & PhD in English Literature (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

Akashic Records Practitioner & Teacher 
Intuitive & Energy Healing 
Reiki / Matrix Energetics
Past Life Soul Regression 
Psychosynthesis Coaching

In my clients' words...

I create a safe space for you to be truly yourself, to explore what's working and what's not working in your life - your light and your shadow - and to move into a higher consciousness and state of being.