5 Clear Ways to Access Your Intuition and Communicate with Your Spirit Guides

Your Spirit Guides are benevolent beings who accompany you all day, every day (and night). They are always available to you and they want you to ask for help. Since they are non-physical beings who operate under divine rules, your Guides can’t — and won’t — impose themselves into your life experience unless you ask.

One of the most common questions I get from friends and clients is: How can I connect with my Spirit Guides and interpret their language? They do speak another language, in a sense: the language of intuition, inner knowing, dreams, whispers, light, energy, nature. By the way, it’s really too bad they don’t teach us this kind of language in school — it would be way more useful than math or chemistry! (But that’s coming from someone who failed math, repeatedly, in high school. Anyway…) Being able to hear and accurately interpret your Guide’s divine messages allows you to:

  • become more aligned with who you really are;
  • stop making not-so-great choices out of fear or limitation;
  • start acting and speaking from a fully authentic, powerful place.

Sounds great! But how do you actually do this?

I’m outlining 5 ways in which your Spirit Guides might be trying to reach you, so you can start paying attention and receiving all of their important messages. Of course, the first step in accessing your Guides is to ask a deep question. When you open up a meaningful dialogue, you show your Guides that you’re ready to communicate and that you’re willing to hear what they have to say. As Clarissa Pinkola Estes says, questions are the most powerful tools we have as spiritual seekers, since they open the doorway to new insights and to spiritual transformation.

Once you have asked your initial question — which you can do through portal-opening activities like meditation, prayer, walking in the woods or by the seashore, deep breathing, or through Tarot or Oracle cards — your work of active listening begins. You can then start to look (rather, listen) for messages in the following 5 languages. And other forms, obviously! These are not meant to be comprehensive, but rather a starting point for developing a healing and empowering relationship with your Spirit Guides. Let’s delve in.

1. The Language of Dreams

We really take our dreams for granted sometimes. They are such powerful conveyors of information and insights. I know that keeping a detailed dream journal can get tedious, especially if you need to move quickly in the morning (and won’t have time to jot everything down). However, do your best to ask questions — about yourself, about life, about your direction — right before you go to sleep. Leave a small notebook or journal by your bed, where you will jot down the question (or questions) you’re asking. When you wake up, the first thing you see will be your questions, which will likely trigger memories of your dreams.

Your Guides communicate with you through your dreams in the form of images, symbols, colors, feelings, and words. In the morning, try to write down everything you can remember. If it makes sense, great. If it doesn’t make sense, even better! This means you can now do the work of unpacking the messages. Use a dream interpretation book, consult a dreamwork expert, do some research online, or just turn over the images, symbols, and sensations of your dream in your mind for a few days. Ponder them. Journal about them. Figure out how they answer your particular questions.

2. The Language of Intuition

It’s easy to get caught up in this idea that intuition is something totally magical, mystical, and therefore beyond our reach. That we won’t be able to hear or access it unless we do some crazy, elaborate ritual. (I love rituals but we don’t always have time for them in our hectic schedules. So leave them for special occasions or holidays, like the Winter Solstice.)

The wonderful thing is that your intuition is actually the most natural, most organic, most powerful part of you. How come you can’t hear it right now, then? Because it’s been silenced, displaced, and overshadowed by other aspects of your personality, by the craziness of modern life, and by the social and cultural voices you’ve internalized since birth. But when it comes down to it, it’s so simple to start listening to your intuition again. The key is not to overthink it.

Ask a question — for example, “is this line of work good for me right now?” — and then listen to your immediate gut response. Listen to your gut or your heart, not your head. This is another way in which your Guides communicate with you: by directing you one way (or the opposite way) through your gut and your heart. If you have trouble getting out of your head, here’s a good trick: envision a tiny elevator in your mouth. Now envision a miniature version of you. Now get your miniature self onto that tiny elevator, and ride the elevator down into your heart (or keep going into your stomach). Repeat this exercise until you feel you’re out of your head and you can actually access what your gut is trying to tell you about something/someone/whatever situation you’re asking about.

3. The Language of Light

Your Spirit Guides are playful begins with an awesome sense of humor. (Unlike humans, they don’t take everything so seriously.) They love to make themselves subtly known in a playful way by showing you lights and orbs, which you can only see out of the corner of your eye and only for a second. This is the type of experience where you ask yourself, “did I really see that???” Yup, you did.

Examples of this kind of communication include quick flashes of light, sparkling lights, and light circles or orbs right out of the corner of your eye. Your Spirit Guides might also reveal themselves in photographs in the form of light orbs. We’ve all seen these in pictures — and, no, they’re not ghosts. They are your benevolent Spirit Guides just popping by to say, “hey, how are you doing?” and, “we’re here to help!”

4. The Language of Names

Ever felt like you just heard someone call your name, but there was no one there? Your Spirit Guides might try to get your attention by whispering your name, or the name of a loved one, or the name of an important place in your life (for example, the city where you were born or the city where you will end up living). When you hear these names but you’re all alone, it doesn’t mean you’re crazy! It means your Spirit Guides have a specific message, so keep your ears and eyes open.

Guardian angels in particular love to send you synchronistic messages when you’re out and about, just going through the motions of your day. You might see a billboard, truck, or license plate with a really significant word (like your name), symbol, or image. These messages are always intentional and they always mean something.

5. The Language of Nature

Your Spirit Guides might try to use nature to communicate with you, particularly if you have a special connection to a specific animal, insect, tree, or plant. For instance, say that your mother was an avid gardener and planted rose bushes every year. You therefore have a deep connection to your mother — who has now passed on — through roses. Your Spirit Guides might communicate with you by filling the room with the smell of roses or dropping an actual rose on the sidewalk for you to pick up on your way to work (or wherever). The message there could be that your mother is with you, guiding you from the other side. Or that your mother is now fully at peace.

When animals show up right outside your house — whether it’s deer, or bobcats, or chipmunks, or Bluejays, or ants — there’s always a message. Research what that animal means, how it can answer your questions about yourself and your life, and how you can work with its energy.


As you practice listening to your Spirit Guides and interpreting their language, you will also figure out the unique, individual ways in which your Guides communicate with you. Our Guides are all different and have unique personalities — some are more serious; others are more playful; some are very gentle, while others send you direct, straightforward messages. Over time, you’ll be able to immediately connect with your Guides (regardless of the situation or question), hear what they’re saying to you, and act accordingly.

Is there anything holding you back from communicating with your Spirit Guides? Leave a comment below to start a conversation.

Interested in deepening your intuition and spiritual development? Another powerful way to connect with your Guides is to learn how to open and read your own Akashic Records. If this resonates with you, I invite you to check out my Akashic Records School.

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