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Adding the Akashic Records as a Healing Modality to Your Business

Through my Akashic Records Certification Program, I teach healers, therapists, coaches, and energy workers how to use the Akashic Records as a healing modality with their clients.

If you’re here now, the Akashic Records have probably been calling you for a while. And you likely identify as a healer, lightworker, or coach in some capacity – whether you’re already in business or starting to consider it.

The pull to work with the Akashic Records is never accidental. It also tends to happen at a specific moment in your life. Sometimes, this call seems to show up at different times, leading you deeper into your exploration of the Records each time.

If you feel a strong soul urging to explore the Akasha as a healing modality to serve others, it might be the right time to heed this call and dive in.

What is the Akasha?

There are many definitions for the Akasha. Essentially, it’s a powerful energy field.

You could think of the Akasha as pure unconditional love, light, pure potential, as the field of infinite possibilities. Our human conceptions of past, present, and future dissipate and interplay in this field, where time is not linear.

You can connect to the Akasha intentionally, though sometimes spontaneous connection can happen through meditation, transcendental experiences, or a full releasing of resistance.

Whether you connect intentionally or spontaneously, being tuned in to the Akasha enables Divine creative energy to flow through you. The beneficial effects of this include increased mental clarity, heightened intuition, an ability to receive Divine guidance, and healing on all levels – mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical.

The more you connect to the Akasha intentionally, the more you can release ego attachments, your ego identity, and human density. In other words, you can release things like:

  • physical symptoms & illness
  • mental chatter & confusion
  • lower-frequency emotions such as anxiety, fear, shame, worry, jealousy, and resentment
  • self-doubt
  • creative blocks
  • blocks to abundance & expansion
  • judgmental or harsh inner dialogue & self-perception (for example, believing you are unworthy or not good enough)
  • relationship issues including codependence, inability to trust, fear of vulnerability and intimacy, poor boundaries, difficulty saying no, etc.
  • unresolved past life trauma
  • past life contracts & vows

Working with the Akashic Records can help you release these things for yourself and then help your clients resolve similar issues in their own lives.

Benefits of using the Akashic Records as a healing modality

As I write in greater depth in this article, there are many benefits to using the Records as a healing modality.

First, you’ll be able to help yourself and your clients access the highest level of Divine guidance, on command. There’s no topic, issue, or question you can’t explore inside the Records.

This means you can help clients answer questions about soul/life purpose, career, relationships, abundance, health, and spiritual growth. It also means you can help your clients address major issues and challenges in their lives.

One of the most powerful benefits of working with the Akashic Records is that, as a healer or coach, you can get yourself out of the way. In other words, you can allow the Divine flow and guidance of the Records to move through you and to guide each client session.

When giving an Akashic Records reading, you’re never working alone. There’s a Divine trinity that becomes activated between you, the client, and the Records. Through sacred co-creation and collaboration, the three of you will help move the client to wherever she desires to go and gain answers to the most important questions in her life. (Of course, the client herself must play an active role in this co-creation.)

The Akashic Records also enable you to help your clients see and understand the meta-view of a particular issue or challenge. This means you can help them develop a spiritual perspective of what they’re experiencing, so that they can shift beyond an ego-centric, painful, victim-oriented, problem-oriented mindset.

The Akashic Records can also help you guide your clients in recognizing the big picture of their experiences and challenges.

Becoming less reactive is often a goal for clients on the spiritual path. They want to be able to respond to life more consciously and with less reactivity. This also means being able to release old, dysfunctional habits and patterns.

The Akashic Records are an ideal tool for learning to become less reactive, as they themselves are held in an energy field of unconditional love and radical acceptance. The more you venture into the Records with your clients, the more you can help them remain grounded and powerfully present regardless of whatever’s going on around them.

Every time you access the Records – or access a client’s Records during a session – you’re ascending to a higher realm of consciousness.

This higher consciousness holds a potent healing energy. So, every time you access the Records with a client, healing is activated on any level that is needed – mental, spiritual, emotional, energetic, or physical.

This is why clients often report feeling soothed, calm, peaceful, and restored after an Akashic Records session. In other cases, if there’s intense clearing or healing, clients might report feeling lethargic, very sleepy, dizzy, or emotional after a session. All of these are signs of healing and releasing, so I always advise my clients to take it easy after a session, drink lots of water, and be extremely self-compassionate.


What makes the Akashic Records different from other modalities?

The Records are an incredibly flexible modality. You can combine other tools and areas of expertise – like Tarot, energy healing, sound healing, massage therapy, Reiki, life coaching, spiritual coaching, Human Design, astrology, even psychotherapy – with the Records.

You don’t have to use the Akashic Records exclusively. Instead, you can combine your modalities and gifts with the Records to create your own unique sessions and healing approach.

Additionally, the Akashic Records are different from some other healing modalities in that they will NEVER allow you to give their power away to them.

Just to give an example: sometimes, with a Tarot deck, if we don’t like or understand a card we get, we’ll sneakily slide that card back in to the deck, re-shuffle, and pull a different card (been there, done that!). This is not to say that the Tarot is not a powerful psychospiritual tool, because it is. But there are ways to manipulate the deck and end up confusing ourselves if our ego gets in the way.

With the Records, you’re required to formulate questions in the most empowering, awake, self-aware way. If you attempt to ask questions out of a sense of urgency (like when will the love of my life show up??!?) or where you’re giving your power of choice away to the Records (like should I take this job opportunity or not??), you typically won’t receive a clear answer. Or any answer at all.

So the Records require you to take full ownership of your healing journey, of the way you’re asking questions, and how you’re showing up for yourself in the world.

The Records will never make a decision for your client or give a definitive yes-or-no answer. Instead, they require you and your client to collaborate on asking really powerful questions and then making meaning of the answers you receive.

This means you must develop a higher level of trust, integrity, ownership, and willingness to challenge your clients to take an active part in what they’re creating for themselves.

To continue exploring all of this, you can read about the 4 Healing Principles in Working with the Akashic Records.


What’s required to become a certified Akashic Records Practitioner?

Your own personal healing work, shadow work, therapeutic work, spiritual growth, and intuitive development are important “prerequisites” for being able to work with the Records effectively.

To become a certified Akashic Records Practitioner through my training program, the requirements include:

  • attending all program meetings (via Zoom)
  • completing all assigned homework & journaling
  • doing 15 practice readings on yourself
  • doing 10 practice readings on others
  • submitting a written log of your 25 practice readings, where you’ll answer specific questions about what happened and how you dealt with any challenges that came up

To review the full program details, go here: Akashic Records Certification Program

You can learn more about my training focus and approach by reading this article: 8 Strategies to Give Powerful Akashic Record Readings.


BONUS: the Akashic Records as a business tool

Finally, learning how to work with the Akashic Records for yourself is an amazing way to expand your business toolkit. I use the Records pretty much every day to receive guidance on topics like:

  • where to go next with my business
  • marketing strategies
  • pricing
  • which new courses, programs, and services to develop
  • what my clients and audience really need help with (and how to help them)
  • releasing the fear of visibility
  • reconnecting to my soul purpose and mission (and how to express it through my business)

You can read more about the Akashic Records as a business tool in this article (the second part focuses specifically on growing a spiritual business).

Please reach out using this contact form if you have questions or are interested in my certification program. I’d love to connect and explore if this would be a good fit for you.

With love,

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