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Akashic Records: Common Questions and Misconceptions

This post explores some common misconceptions – and recent questions – that have come up about the Akashic Records in the spiritual community.

Below, I answer these 5 questions:

  • Is there only ONE way to access the Akashic Records?
  • Aren’t the Akashic Records a tool of the third dimension?
  • Where are the Akashic Records located?
  • Why are the Akashic Records accessible to us? What’s the ultimate purpose for humanity?
  • Can healing happen spontaneously inside the Akashic Records?


Note: You can also hear this article as a podcast episode: Inner Work 125.

Q. 1: Is there only ONE way to access the Akashic Records?

The short answer: absolutely not.

If an Akashic Records teacher or trainer tries to sell you the idea that you won’t be able to access the Records without their method, prayer, or teachings, I suggest walking away.

The Records are an incredibly flexible and accessible modality, and you have the Divine birthright to access them so you can heal and evolve. No one has a monopoly on the Records. Suggesting that there’s only one method or approach that works would be like saying that someone has a monopoly on the very air that we breathe.

The Akashic field, or the Akasha, lives all around us and through us. It lives in you and in me. And we’re not really separate from it – we just think that we are. (This is the illusion of separation.)

Unfortunately, there can be ego even in the spiritual community. An unchecked ego can make spiritual teachers possessive, territorial, and dogmatic. From this place of ego, they might try to get you to give their power away to them and to their methods.

So, you must check how you feel in your gut and in your heart when you interact with a particular teacher. Ask yourself:

  • Does what they say ring true?
  • Do their words have an energy of resonance and truth?
  • Are they supportive of your spiritual goals?
  • Are they willing to allow you to experiment with what resonates with you (even if it contradicts their teachings)?
  • Are they supportive of you taking your power back and becoming a sovereign being?
  • Or does it feel like there might be some ego interference in their energy, words, or actions?

Ultimately, it’s a misconception that there’s only ONE way to access the Records.

In fact, many of my students come to me with prior experiences of spontaneously slipping into or accessing the Akashic Records. This typically happens through experiences of transcendence or deep meditation.

Sometimes, people who are highly intuitive and sensitive are pulled into the Akasha magnetically. They might have the experience of traveling to what feels like an astral plane, or another dimension, or a place full of love and light where all deeds and thoughts are recorded – before they even know the official name Akashic Records.

So there’s no monopoly or exclusivity here. The Records are not something that we can keep hidden for ourselves and prevent others from accessing.

If you meet a teacher who seems to keep the Records behind a lock and key, who makes it sound like you won’t be able to access them without their system, I’d consider that a form of gatekeeping. And I’d recommend seeking a different teacher.

If you’re interested in learning how to work with the Records for yourself – or how to become a certified Akashic Records Practitioner – you can explore my programs here:

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Q. 2: Aren’t the Akashic Records a tool of the third dimension?

Recently, this idea has surfaced in the spiritual community that the Records are a tool of the third dimension. This would mean that, as a 3D tool, they’re outdated because we are now shifting into the 5th dimension and higher.

The 3rd dimension refers to one level of reality with a particular frequency and consciousness. This is typically defined as the dimension of physical form, where we think we’re separate from each other and from God. And where we experience suffering, conflict, chaos, and competition. That’s one level of consciousness – or we could say unconsciousness, because this is the level of reality where people are still largely asleep.

The 5th dimension, in contrast, is where we experience a much higher level of consciousness. Here, we have already awakened and much of the ego self has fallen away. This is where we release attachments and learn to love ourselves and others unconditionally. We also realize we’re not separate but interconnected as we shed fear, suffering, and confusion.

In the 5th dimension, you realize that you are God, or that God/Source lives within you and through you. When people talk about ascension and ascension symptoms, they’re often referring to the process of shifting from the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension – or higher.

There are dimensions and levels of consciousness even higher than the 5th dimension, all the way up to the level of Divine Source itself, which is the origin point and source of the entire universe.

Some spiritual teachers believe that certain spiritual tools – like the Akashic Records but also some physical tools like Tarot decks, pendulums, or crystals – are remnants of the 3rd dimension. Therefore, they see them as outdated. And if you use these tools, the idea is that you’re keeping yourself stuck in the 3rd dimension.

I’m not exactly sure where this harmful idea has come from. Of course, since we’re human, we can sometimes use these tools in ways that are not helpful to us. For example, we might try to give our power of choice to the Tarot deck and try to get the cards to make decisions for us.

If we’re using any of these tools with egoic motivations or agendas, they can become tools of the 3rd dimension. But in those cases, it’s not the tools themselves that are problematic, but rather the behavior of the person using them.

The tools in and of themselves are neutral. We can use them for good and healing with integrity and respect, or we can use them to manipulate others or to give up our agency. As humans, we can corrupt these tools, but they themselves are not attached to any particular dimension.

You could use the Tarot deck or the Akashic Records in such powerful ways that the truth and insights you receive transport you into the 5th dimension. They can also enable you to shift your consciousness so you can shed your attachments to the 3rd dimension.

These tools, when used respectfully and with integrity, can help you transcend the ego, raise your consciousness, and break through illusions and limitations.


Q. 3: So, where are the Akashic Records located?

The Akashic field is not necessarily located in any one particular place. It’s not localized and does not conform to our laws of time and space.

To access the Records, we as humans are required to shed our ego thinking, self-doubt, low-frequency emotions, dense energy, confusion, codependence. We’re required to clear ourselves out so we can ascend into the field of the Records and establish that connection.

This process can’t happen effectively if we’re full of resistance, full of doubt and skepticism, full of fear. This is why I advise my students not to attempt to access the Records in a state of desperation, intense suffering, or during a crisis. These are not ideal times to connect because your strong resistance will get in the way. You just won’t be able to match the higher frequency of the Records.

You must be in a state of peace and receptivity to merge with the Records. This is because the Akashic field is located at the highest level of Divine Source itself.

To me, the name Akashic Records is in some ways a synonym for Divine Source. We could also say that the Records are one arm or branch of Divine Source, one form of Divine energy. They reach down from the 5th dimension and much higher to communicate and interact with us.


Q. 4: Why are the Akashic Records accessible to us? What’s the ultimate purpose for humanity?

The Records’ purpose is to help us navigate physical reality and release our 3rd dimension thinking and behavior. The more you connect to the Records’ energy field – which is made up of unconditional love, light, and infinite wisdom – the more you can develop unconditional love for yourself and everyone around you.

The Records can help you surrender your attachments, ego illusions, and dysfunctional behaviors that keep you suffering. They can also help you shed the thought patterns that are not really aligned with your Truth.

When you enter the Records, you come face to face with your Higher Self and can dialogue with the highest aspects of yourself – your Soul, your inner guidance, your inner divinity. These aspects of you will be awakened the more you enter and spend time in the Akasha.

As you raise your consciousness, these powerful inner changes then have significant ripple effects. You begin to release your old baggage, karma, and unhealed wounds. You no longer walk into interactions with other people carrying the heavy burden of the past.

The more you release yourself from suffering, the more your relationships improve. You’re no longer driven unconsciously to get even, to prove others wrong (and yourself right), to compete, to fight, to compromise your integrity. And, through this transformation in you, other people and the planet will benefit.


Q. 5: Can healing happen spontaneously inside the Records?

Although miraculous transformations can and do happen inside the Records, most times we’re required to take ownership in the healing process. And this is something that can take time.

We have to be willing and active participants. We have to release the illusion that something or someone from outside ourselves can make us all better or take all the bad things away.

Healing requires us to take responsibility and to apply what we receive from the Records; to bring those insights and information down to earth. Otherwise, we can get lost in the spiritual realms and change nothing at the level of our actual lives and realities.

So, most of the time we’ll have to put some work in to heal ourselves. We’ll have to become active partners with the Records to co-create healing and transformation in our lives.

Being mindful of this can help to soften our expectations about what the Records can or should do for us. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself – or the Records! – about having to heal everything in one session or reading.

Some of your journeys into the Records will be powerful and life-changing. They will shatter your illusions and connect you deeply to the Divine. This will feel transcendent and maybe even ecstatic.

Other journeys, though, will be quiet and still and you won’t hear or see that much. However, a subtle inner transformation can still happen – if you allow it.

Don’t try to force the experience to be something other than it is. Each journey will give you exactly what you need in that moment, not anything more and not anything less. It’s so important to trust this and to surrender to each experience in the Records in whatever form it takes.

With love,

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