Akashic Records Mini Course

Welcome, Seeker! I'm glad you're here.

This inner pull you're feeling towards the Akashic Records is not accidental.

I've been waiting for you. I hope my Akashic Records Mini Course is a helpful, in-depth resource as you explore the Records for yourself.

Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions or to share how the mini course goes for you.

With love,

Working with the Akashic Records will help you:

  • connect to your highest aspects (Soul, Higher Self)
  • receive Divine guidance on command
  • take your power back
  • stop looking for answers outside of yourself
  • accelerate your healing + growth
  • gain a deeper understanding of the issues, patterns, and challenges you're facing
akashic records open book with light rays

What's included in this mini course?

It's called "mini" but, trust me, I poured my heart into this and it's packed with useful stuff.

You'll receive: 

  • a handy PDF guide to the Akashic Records (10 pages)
  • 7 instructional videos
  • 8 daily emails with guidance and support walking you through the mini course
  • you'll also get a free subscription to The Weekly Seeker - my weekly newsletter to help you stay grounded and connected to your highest self

We will cover this content in depth:

  • What are the Akashic Records? A clear explanation of what the Records are & how they work.
  • Preparing to Open Your Records. Why your energetic frequency matters above all, and 4 keys to raise your frequency before accessing the Records.
  • Akashic Records Portal Prayer & Closing Prayer. The prayers you need to access your own Records.
  • Your First 3 Openings. Specific, step-by-step instructions on how to open your Akashic Records for the first 3 times (and how to proceed after that).
  • How to Effectively Phrase Questions for the Records + 20 Sample Questions to Unlock Healing. Questions are extremely important in Akashic Records work. How you phrase a question really matters! This guide includes 20 sample questions you can ask to powerfully unlock healing and receive useful insights.
  • Mastering the Akashic Records. Possibilities to deepen your Akashic Records work with me.

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