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Using the Akashic Records for Manifestation (with Specific Questions to Ask)

The Akashic Records can be harnessed as a potent tool for manifestation.

(Among many of their other uses, which you can read about, for example, here and here.)

This article will give you some clear ideas and guidelines for how to do that, in a responsible and effective way.

First, let’s clarify an important point: trying to “predict” the future through the Akashic Records is pointless.

The Records are NOT a predictive or fortune-telling tool.

This is because we are creating the future as we go. The future doesn’t yet exist, which means there’s nothing we could predict in advance.

I’ve sometimes heard this misconception that, since the Akashic Records contain all information about everything – and have recorded every deed, action, thought, and choice since the beginning of time – they contain stable, reliable, predictive information about the future… about what’s going to happen and how it’s going to happen.

This is not true.

The Records are recording everything that happens in this Universe as it is happening, in real time. They are recording the choices we’re making in real time, through the course of living our daily lives.

There’s no future that already exists that the Akashic Records could record, since ALL that actually exists is the present moment. (And, of course, also an imprint of everything that has already happened in the past. Which we can access, retrieve, and heal through the Records.)

We can’t go into the Records to see or foretell the future. We can only go in to explore potential future outcomes, if we stay on a certain trajectory or make particular choices right now, in the present moment.

YES, the Records can help us explore how the future might turn out if we stay on a certain trajectory or timeline, versus another… but the Records cannot give us a stable, unchangeable view into the future – because that future has not been created yet.

There are infinite factors that will go into the kind of future we create, both individually (each one of us) and collectively as a human species. The future is being created, by all of us, right now – and the Akashic Records are recording how we are doing that, and what we’re creating as we go.

This is why I emphasize that nothing in the Records is set in stone, pre-determined, or written in advance before we have experienced it or created it.

The Records evolve as we evolve, they change as we change, they morph and breathe with us. They are ever-evolving.

So, if you’re experiencing something right now that you don’t necessarily like or want to continue experiencing, you can change it. The Records will not only reflect that change, but can help you make that change by providing you with insights, information, support, and healing energy.

If you’re currently on a particular timeline that you’d rather change — maybe a timeline with a lot of self-doubt or with a pattern of going from unfulfilling job to unfulfilling job or unfulfilling relationship to unfulfilling relationship — the Akashic Records can help you consciously shift to a different timeline.

You can shift to a timeline where you’ve released these patterns and are no longer held hostage by them. This enables you to begin co-creating – with the Records and with the Universe – this higher-level, more supportive, more fulfilling reality you want to experience in your life.

So how can you do this?

How can you harness the Akashic Records as a manifestation tool to call in your desired manifestations faster, with greater ease and speed and less resistance?

Here are two practices you can use: (1) getting into conscious alignment with the WHAT and WHY of your desired manifestation, and (2) activating the frequency you need to CALL IN your desired manifestation, easily.

Let’s walk through these in greater detail.

(You might also want to check out the 6 key attitudes that can help you effectively access the Akashic Records, for ANY purpose at any time. They apply here, too!)

Manifestation Practice #1: Consciously Align with the WHAT and WHY of Your Desire

The first practice is to go into the Akashic Records to ask for guidance and clarity on what you’re wanting to manifest, and why. It’s so important to get clear on: WHY do you want this thing? What’s the purpose for creating it, or having it?

It’s difficult to manifest something from a place of confusion, scarcity, wobbliness, or unclear purpose and intention.

So that’s often our first step in manifestation — to get clear on WHAT you want to create, and WHY you want to create it.

Some questions you can ask while in the Records:

  • How would manifesting or having this thing (this experience, money, relationship, new job, whatever it is) improve your life?
  • How would it serve you to have this?
  • How would it serve others? Think about the people in your inner circle, and also think about the ripple effects of your manifestation on humanity as a whole. What would those effects be?
  • From your Highest Divine level (which you can connect to while you’re in the Records) — what’s the deeper purpose for manifesting this?

These questions will help you get clear and conscious about the WHY behind your desired manifestation.

Manifestation Practice #2: Activate the Frequency You Need to Easily Manifest Your Desire

The second practice is to go into the Records to connect to and activate the frequency you need to call in your desired manifestation — to materialize it.

The Akashic Records are an ideal tool for connecting with and embodying your Higher Self – for allowing your Higher Self to drop fully into your body.

This is because the Records exist at a higher realm of consciousness than the human dimension.

The act of going into the Akashic field – every time – helps you shed human density, old patterns, stuckness, limiting stories, old identities that no longer reflect who you are today.

By providing this higher-level environment where you can connect directly to your Higher Self, the Records can help you get out of stubborn patterns where you sabotage, stop, or delay your manifestations, or where you feel unworthy of your desires so you never end up manifesting them.

As you release these patterns, you can fully activate the frequency and energy you need to be holding for your manifestations to become inevitable… to call in your desires much more easily and without old interference getting in the way.

Some examples of the type of frequency the Records might ask you to hold (and help you develop!):

  • The Frequency of Positive (or Joyful) Expectation: perhaps to materialize the thing you want right now, the Records might give you guidance about holding a frequency of positive expectation (instead of expecting for things to go badly, or to not work out). This could be the energy you need to strengthen in your life, mindset, and decision-making. Joyful expectation is about knowing you will be delighted by the Universe… knowing that your manifestation is a done deal. All you have to do is open the door to receive it. To welcome it in. So maybe, for you, that’s the highest-level frequency that’s required in your manifestation process – the frequency of joyful expectation. 
  • The Frequency of Self-Worth: maybe the Records guide you to hold a frequency of self-worth, to grow your capacity to feel confident and worthy, to acknowledge and value your gifts and who you are — just as you are right now. If you feel unworthy of receiving and hold a frequency of self-doubt, you’re going to block your manifestations every single time. 
  • The Frequency of Trust: as humans, we often don’t trust. We don’t trust the Universe is going to have our backs, we don’t trust that what we want is already here, we don’t trust that there’s an easier way to manifest our desires, we don’t trust we’re gonna get what we want. Maybe we don’t trust WE have what it takes to manifest what we want and need. Lack of trust can show up in a million ways. So the Records might help you expand your capacity to trust… in yourself, the Universe, your desires, your ability to materialize your desires. All of it. Maybe the energy of trust is the missing ingredient in your manifestation process; the thing that’s been derailing your manifestations.

To figure this out for yourself, you can go into your Records and ask:

Record Keepers, what’s the frequency I need to be holding to manifest XYZ?

Wait for the answer. See what they suggest, and where they lead you. You can also ask for help in holding and expanding that necessary frequency in your life and in your body.

BONUS Manifestation Practice: Troubleshooting

If you’re trying to create or manifest something and it’s not materializing yet, or you’ve been trying for a while and it doesn’t seem to be showing up…

… you can go into the Records to troubleshoot and ask a series of pointed questions. You could ask:

  • How am I getting in my own way of this desired manifestation [whatever you’re trying to create]?
  • What are my current choices, behaviors, and thought patterns creating in the present moment and for my future?
  • What’s the predominant frequency I’m holding right now… and is that frequency supporting or blocking my desired outcome?
  • How do I need to change my daily behaviors, choices, or thoughts to get more aligned with this desired manifestation?
  • Is any part of me feeling unworthy of receiving this? How can I heal that part?
  • What’s the most ideal, aligned, healthy, expansive way for me to manifest this desire… for the highest good of ALL and with harm to none?

Through these practices, you can harness the power, usefulness, and divine assistance of the Akashic Records whenever you want to manifest something in your life — with greater ease, clarity, and speed.

Let me know how this lands or if questions come up in the comments below!

With love,

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2 thoughts on “Using the Akashic Records for Manifestation (with Specific Questions to Ask)”

  1. This is sooooo helpful!!! I think the part of joyful expectation speaks the most to me. But the troubleshooting questions are really insightful and helps me get clear on what I might be missing 🙂 I am feeling grateful. Thank so much, Josephine!!!

    1. Josephine Hardman

      Amazing! I’m so glad this was helpful, Angeli. Thank you for reading and letting me know which part of this spoke to you. Shifting to joyful expectation has been HUGE for me as well!

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