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Akashic Records Prayer

The Akashic Records prayer can be used to open and read your own personal Records.

By using the Akashic Records prayer, you activate your divine birthright to access and receive guidance from your Records. You can also learn how to read other people’s Records and become a certified Akashic Records practitioner.

For the purpose of this article, we’ll focus on using the Akashic Records prayer to open your own personal Records.

Learn how to read your own Akashic Records

What is the Akashic Records prayer?

The portal prayer is an intentional collection of words or statements. These words are designed to help you ascend into the high-frequency energy field of the Records.

To actually ascend into the energy field of the Records, you must release human density and clear yourself out as much as possible.

For example, it’s important to release ego, self-doubt, attachment to outcome, rigid expectations, and human drama before accessing the Akashic Records.

In fact, it’s almost impossible to truly access the Records if your personal energy field is weighed down by these lower frequency emotions or vibrations.

Speaking the portal prayer can help you become centered, grounded, and still. This will increase your receptivity and help you open your Records more easily and without resistance.

Why is the prayer important?

I like to think of the Akashic Records portal prayer as a prayer of remembering.

When you were born into this lifetime, your Soul made the conscious choice to incarnate into a physical body and forget about your experiences before this life.

This forgetting happens as part of each new incarnation. You must forget (momentarily) where you really come from and what you’ve been through in past lifetimes. This makes it possible to learn new lessons and expand in your current lifetime.

Sometimes, this forgetting also means that we forget we’re all interconnected. That we are one with everything. That there’s no separation – between us and other people, between us and the Universe, even between us and the Divine.

In other words, there’s no actual separation between you and the Akashic Records. In many ways, you are part of the Records yourself since, from a spiritual perspective, everything is interwoven.

However, because we often think we’re separate from – or lower than – the Divine, the Akashic Records prayer can help you remember that there is no separation.

The prayer can help you break through the illusion of separation. It can also help you remember, powerfully, that you are a Divine being yourself.

This remembering then helps you merge with the energy field and the higher consciousness of the Akashic Records, as you become one with that consciousness.

Where does the prayer come from?

The prayer I use with clients and teach in my courses was passed down to me by my Akashic Record mentors and teachers at Sanctuary Healing Arts.

Based on guidance I’ve received from the Records themselves, I’ve also tweaked the prayer along the way.

Different teachers and readers will use different prayers. This doesn’t make one prayer better or worse than any other.

It’s actually not the specific words of the prayer that matter as much as the intention with which the prayer is spoken.

I also find it important to not be dogmatic or rigid about the words of the prayer. After all, the language of the prayer is just the vehicle helping us connect.

When speaking the prayer, having a clear, focused, ethical, and open-hearted intention based on integrity is key. This is the kind of energy with which you want to open your Records.

Why are there different prayers out there?

Different teachers have developed their own prayers over time, or adapted prayers handed down to them by their own mentors (as is the case for me). This will vary based on the background, training, and particular reading style that different practitioners and teachers have.

When looking for a prayer, the most important thing is to make sure the words resonate with you when you speak them.

Ask yourself: does the language of the prayer help you feel centered, empowered, clear, and open to receive whatever guidance is most relevant for you?

The Akashic Records Portal Prayer

Opening your own Akashic Records is a sacred and powerful process.

Like learning how to meditate, do yoga, or use shamanic journeying for personal healing, learning how to work with the Records can take time and practice.

For a full step-by-step, self-paced training on how to open and work with your personal Akashic Records for transformative healing, I invite you to explore my Level 1 Course. This course will take your work with the Records much deeper and help you develop your intuitive gifts, clear out blocks and self-doubt, and learn how to formulate illuminating questions to receive the most aligned and helpful guidance.

If you’re already adept at sitting in silence and stillness, meditating, or visualization, you can follow these guidelines to use the portal prayer:

  1. Set aside some distraction-free time and get centered.
  2. Take a few deep breaths.
  3. Consciously release expectations, ego mind, attachment to getting a specific outcome, and anything else that might be “clouding” your intuition and receptivity.
  4. Once you feel open, clear, and receptive, speak the portal prayer twice – once out loud, and once silently to yourself. The full text of the prayer is below.

I ask God [can be replaced with Divine Source or the Universe] to surround me
in a circle of white light for protection and strength.
May I be joined in my intention to expand my Soul,
To remember who I am and why I am here as it is written in the Akashic Records.
I ask the Lords, Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones of the Records
to allow me to open and read the Records of me for this purpose.
In the holiest of holies, and in gratitude to the Lords of the Akashic Records.
Amen/Aho/So it is.

The Akashic Records Closing Prayer

After each journey into your personal Records, it’s important to close them.

This will give closure to your journey, however long or short, and enable you to return “down to Earth” and ground yourself.

The closing prayer is as follows, and you only need to speak it once out loud:

In deep gratitude,
I thank the Record Keepers for all the information, wisdom, and healing provided to me in this reading.
May everything I have received continue to help me for as long as it is needed.
[Visualize your Records closing at this point — maybe calling up the visual image of large wooden doors closing.]
My Akashic Records are now closed.
Amen/Aho/So it is.

Akashic Records Level 1 Course

With much love & wishing you illuminating and expansive journeys into the Akashic Records,

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