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AWAKENING: Coming to terms with childhood losses


This episode of AWAKENING focuses on all kinds of childhood losses, from the seemingly minor to the life-altering. I talk about some of the intangible childhood losses that might still be impacting you today – for instance, the loss of childhood innocence or playfulness if you were forced to grow up too fast.

This episode also defines childhood losses as anything that, ideally, you should’ve been given as a child but – for whatever reasons – was not provided. Some essential things that were not provided might include a feeling of safety and belonging, comfort, encouragement, the soothing presence of an emotionally stable caregiver, and unconditional support.

I share how I’ve been coping with some of my own childhood losses (related to moving away from my home country at age 11) and suggest a few practices for you to work through yours.

For example, I mention working with the throat chakra through a guided meditation. You can find that here:

Important note: please seek the professional support of a trauma-informed therapist, healer, or Somatic Experiencing practitioner if you’re trying to process childhood trauma and it feels overwhelming. You don’t have to do it alone. This is a good resource to find a qualified practitioner: SE Directory

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