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AWAKENING: Dealing with money and finances on the spiritual path


Although you are primarily an Infinite Being of Light, you’re also incarnated into a physical, human body. On the 3D human plane, money is a necessary currency – to keep yourself alive, to feed yourself, to shelter yourself, to make things happen in the world.

In this episode of AWAKENING, I answer a listener email about how to shift into a mindset of abundance, create a healthy relationship with money, and forgive ourselves for any past financial mistakes or missteps.

I also address why it’s best not to demonize money or see it as evil. Ultimately, it’s not money that corrupts us. What can corrupt us is an unchecked ego, which seeks to accumulate more and more and constantly fears lack or tries to assert its power over others.

Thank you to Cass for writing in and asking these thoughtful questions!

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2 thoughts on “AWAKENING: Dealing with money and finances on the spiritual path”

  1. Hi Josephine,

    My name is Jean Paul, during most of my adult life I have had struggles with money, being in debt, unable to pay, having a lot of problems, getting out and in of them over and over again, recently I made a “mistake” that got me thinking and, of course feeling in a low energetic place. Today I came to your spotify podcast and that was eye opening. So, I am writing that long letter to my past self, focusing more on my healing because, if I go back to those behaviors over and over again, there’s work to do. I’m grateful the universe and my angels send me to you, this is the first step to a better life.

    1. Josephine Hardman

      Hi Jean Paul,
      I’m truly moved by your words! Thank you for taking the time to comment and share what led you to my podcast, and where you are on the healing path. I know many people can relate deeply to your experience, and are doing similar healing. I hope you’ll be able to work towards giving yourself – and your past self – unconditional forgiveness. You’re so right that dysfunctional patterns that come up again and again are giving us opportunities to heal, each time at a deeper level. I’m sending you lots of support and hoping the podcast will continue to serve you.

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