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AWAKENING: Leaving behind the things you’ve outgrown


The process of awakening will cause you to outgrow certain situations, relationships, people, habits, and ways of thinking/being. This happens naturally as you evolve and shed old, outdated layers of yourself.

In this episode, partly inspired by the 8 of Cups from the Tarot, I talk about this process of outgrowing things and people and how it can bring up some deep fears of losing your identity, status, and the life you’ve been building for years or even decades.

Join me for a conversation on:

  • possible signs & indicators that you’ve outgrown something
  • how to deal with the discomfort of walking away from an established relationship, career, or personal situation
  • how to start figuring out what needs to be released from your life
  • the importance of conserving your energy by stepping away from the things, people, and situations that no longer fit you


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