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AWAKENING: Living the life your Soul is calling you to live


On the path of awakening, you might be called to begin living in a different or new way. This can happen when you’re truly listening to your heart and tuning in to your inner guidance.

In this episode of AWAKENING, I respond to a listener’s email about how to begin aligning with the lifestyle and way of living that most resonates with you (and how to release limiting beliefs and fears along the way). 

Join me for a discussion of:

  • having the desire to live a peaceful, simpler life where you get to express yourself creatively or live in community with others 
  • the importance of clarifying WHERE your desires are coming from, and WHY you’re desiring these things
  • giving yourself permission to live a life that is right for you
  • clearing out internal blocks, fears, and limiting beliefs so you can create your desired lifestyle 
  • an introduction to Byron Katie’s The Work – you can explore this for yourself here:

Thank you to Jenna for writing in and sparking this episode! To submit a question or topic suggestion, you can write to 

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I deeply appreciate your presence and willingness to do your inner work! Thank you for being here. 


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