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AWAKENING: Moving beyond people-pleasing


This episode is going out, with love, to all my fellow recovering people-pleasers. This is also an important episode if you have any tendencies of seeking approval from others, or feeling like you have to ask others for permission to be your authentic self.

Join me for an in-depth discussion of:

  • what people-pleasing actually is
  • how we might use people-pleasing as a “shield of niceness” to protect or defend ourselves
  • the core fears that drive people-pleasing
  • the consequences of people-pleasing on your whole being (emotions, body, mind, Soul)

I’ve created a guided healing journey as a companion to this episode, to help you release people-pleasing and approval-seeking behaviors. To access this resource, you can go to my Resources for Self-Healing page (scroll down a bit if you’re on mobile):

To connect with me, you can send a note to

Thank you for your presence, for doing your inner work, and for spending this time with me!


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