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AWAKENING: Surrender as a doorway into self-liberation


Ideally, on the spiritual path we use our triggers and challenges as opportunities to become more conscious and awake. This brand new series, AWAKENING, is our next adventure – and evolution – following my TRIGGERED! series. 

Awakening is a continuous, ever-unfolding process and not something we can force, rush, or put on any specific timeline. With this series, we’ll continue exploring some of our triggers and challenges while also delving into key spiritual concepts and practices that can help us move through those challenges.

This inaugural episode focuses on SURRENDER:

  • what does surrender really mean, and how can we practice it?
  • how surrender can liberate you from anxiety, ego attachments, codependence, and the tendency to control your life and the lives of others
  • 3 specific examples of surrender from my own life (in career, friendships, and health)
  • surrender as a practice of making friends with WHAT IS and becoming free of resistance


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