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AWAKENING: Unconscious patterns from before you were awake (over-thinking, second-guessing, and self-doubt)


Before you started waking up, you engaged in some unconscious patterns and habits (we all did!). These might include survival strategies, coping mechanisms, and ego defense patterns you developed to try to protect yourself.

In this episode, we’ll cover three of these patterns:

  • over-thinking: churning thoughts in your mind over and over, overanalyzing minor details, retreating into your intellect to avoid feeling your feelings, using your mental prowess to feel safe or successful
  • second-guessing: doubting your choices and decision-making process, doubting your intuition and gut knowing, fearing you will make a terrible mistake and regret it later
  • self-doubt: minimizing your own value and worth, feeling like an impostor or fraud, doubting your abilities and gifts

I will also give you some targeted, hard-hitting questions to become more conscious and begin softening these patterns.

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