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AWAKENING: Walking the path to self-love


Taking honest inventory of where you are today, how much are you loving yourself? How much self-love and self-nourishment do you give yourself?

In this episode, I answer a listener email about how to cultivate a deeper capacity for self-love. We’ll cover how self-love – and a lack of self-love – looks like in our inner dialogue, in relationships and friendships, and even in interactions with strangers.

I suggest a couple of books to grow your self-love and self-acceptance:

Embracing Your Inner Critic

The Self-Acceptance Project

In the episode, I also mention the possibility that you might be carrying an ancestral pattern or contract of not loving yourself. To work through that and release it, you can use my guided healing journey to clear ancestral patterns and burdens – scroll to find this resource below:

My gratitude goes out to Katie for writing in with this vulnerable and important question.

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Thank you for tuning in, and please keep doing your inner work!


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