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AWAKENING: What are you allowing to take up residence in you?


Your physical body is like a container for your Soul and Higher Self. But what happens when you’ve filled up this container with too many intrusive “guests”, and your Higher Self is unable to anchor into your body? Why is it important to be able to fully embody your Higher Self? That’s what we’ll explore in this episode of AWAKENING.

Some of the intrusive or unwelcome guests that can occupy your body and energy field include the Overachiever, the Fixer, the Victim, and the Approval Seeker.

These are subpersonalities, or limited aspects of you that can get triggered by certain situations and people. Join me for a conversation on:

  • the 6 most common subpersonalities that block your Higher Self and sabotage your healing
  • how to begin noticing what you’re allowing to take up residence within you
  • the importance of recognizing the opposing agendas of your subpersonalities, so you can resolve inner conflict
  • how to make more room for your Higher Self to enter


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2 thoughts on “AWAKENING: What are you allowing to take up residence in you?”

  1. Lora MacAlistaire

    Good afternoon Josephine,
    Lora here with a short note to let you know how much I’m enjoying the “Awakening” Series of Podcasts. They are truly amazing on so many levels, I’m blown away.

    1. Josephine Hardman

      Dear Lora,
      It’s wonderful to hear my Awakening series has been meaningful for you! This kind of feedback is so rewarding and energizes me to keep creating through the podcast.
      with gratitude for you,

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