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AWAKENING: What are you bracing against?


As humans, we sometimes develop a survival or coping mechanism of bracing against – bracing against other people, against pain and suffering, against potential criticism or rejection, against vulnerability, and even against life itself.

As a spiritual and psychological state, bracing serves at least two functions: to push away unpleasant things, and to hold on tightly to the people, things, and relationships we already have in our lives (typically out of fear that you might lose those things in the future).

In this act of bracing, which involves a self-defensive stance, there’s a fundamental lack of trust. A lack of trust in yourself, in life, and in your ability to handle life – no matter what arises.

Bracing for a long time can have harmful effects on your entire system, including your body, physical health, mental health, and ability to connect spiritually.

In this episode of AWAKENING, I delve into this coping mechanism of bracing, discuss its long-term consequences and effects, and offer some suggestions to begin softening it.

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