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AWAKENING: Your birthright is to thrive, not just survive

On the path of awakening, you can sometimes feel stuck in survival mode. You might use this mode as a coping mechanism, if you learned early on in life that you need to be tough, to put up with things, and to survive.

In this episode, I answer a listener’s email about how to emerge out of survival mode and begin thriving. Join me for a discussion on:

  • how there’s absolutely NOTHING you need to just tolerate or put up with
  • how survival mode keeps you stuck in your reptilian brain, unable to make creative and empowered choices for yourself
  • the importance of resolving childhood trauma to emerge out of survival mode and feel safe
  • how to start “breaking the habit of being yourself” (in the words of Dr. Joe Dispenza)

Throughout this episode, I recommend these important books:

Waking the Tiger by Peter Levine

Complex PTSD: From Surviving to Thriving by Pete Walker

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Joe Dispenza

Special thanks to Katelyn for writing in and sharing her story with us. To connect with me, please send a note to

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