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Become a confident Master Healer through the Akashic Records

What’s the MOST IMPACTFUL way for you to become a fully equipped, grounded, confident healer/practitioner, who consistently facilitates genuine healing in your clients…

… AND doesn’t get derailed by self-doubt, second-guessing, or imposter syndrome?

You might be surprised, it’s NOT by doing these things:

  • Learning 5+ additional healing modalities
  • Completely changing your website (again)
  • Constantly battling with – or trying to silence – your inner imposter
  • Taking 1-2 years to do the inner work on yourself (while not really putting yourself out there)

These old ways listed here have one thing in common…

… they require a lot of EFFORT.

They’re full of the energy of EFFORT-ING.

As you know, effort-ing is like trying to swim against the current. Trying to make things happen. Trying to “fix” yourself (implying you’re somehow “broken”)… which tends to create more inner tension and even shame.

Effort-ing is fueled by resistance, by fear, by an unconscious need to prove ourselves and our worth…

… so, as a strategy, effort-ing rarely works to get you where you want to be.

Instead, the MOST IMPACTFUL way is to shift into the frequency of yourself as a confident, self-realized, masterful, grounded healer… i.e., the highest version of yourself.

What can help you do that quickly, effortlessly, on command?

The Akashic Records.

Tapping into the Records gives you a direct line to universal consciousness, a.k.a. the field of infinite possibilities, a.k.a. the quantum field where healing can happen at the speed of light.

Now, to be clear:

Learning to master the Akashic Records isn’t just about learning another modality. Or just about adding another tool to your toolkit.

It’s about activating the power, wisdom, and unwavering Divine Guidance of the Records in every area of your life, which naturally aligns you with your deepest purpose, inner knowing, intuitive abilities, and self-worth.

Connecting to the Records then becomes a life-changing, transformational PRACTICE.

I’ve experienced it myself (I first opened the Records when I was 17) and have seen it time and time again in my students, who go from:

  • Overthinking
  • Second-guessing their intuitive abilities
  • Getting lost in self-doubt
  • Giving their power away to imposter syndrome
  • Being stuck in “unconscious healer” patterns such as overgiving, overcaring, feeling overly responsible for their clients


  • Living, seeing, and knowing from their heart (with a healthy balance of head/heart)
  • Fully trusting and increasing their intuitive abilities
  • Moving past self-doubt
  • Knowing how to relate to imposter syndrome so it doesn’t derail or trigger them anymore
  • Becoming empowered Master Healers who genuinely facilitate healing in their clients, without taking over-responsibility, overgiving, or overcaring

This is what it means to shift your frequency.

To STEP INTO, claim, and embody your frequency as the Master Healer you’re here to be.

Are you ready for this deep journey of self-discovery and self-actualization?

This is exactly what we do in my Akashic Records Certification Program.

To get all the details for the next round, reach out through this contact form.

I can’t wait to see what the Records have in store for you!

With love,

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