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Becoming a Certified Akashic Records Reader

Completing an Akashic Records Certification Program is a powerful way of healing yourself and others and shifting to a higher level of consciousness.

Working with the Records, both for yourself and with your clients, is a transformative and healing experience. For example, by learning how to open your and others’ Records, you will be able to:

  • Tap into divine guidance on command (instead of having to wait for a sign or message)
  • Make decisions more quickly and confidently. The Akashic Records can help you make small, day-to-day decisions (such as, “What does my body need to eat today?”) and major decisions (such as, “Is this new job aligned with my soul purpose?” or “Should I stay in this relationship and work through it or leave?”)
  • Understand your Soul’s journey and purpose
  • Heal old patterns and blocks, including ancestral patterns
  • Help your clients connect with their Soul’s purpose and powerfully heal themselves
  • Help your clients answer important questions about their lives (and past lives)
  • Offer professional Akashic Record readings & add a new income stream to your spiritual business


So, what are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are often referred to as the “Book of Life.”

You can think of the Records as a vast, ever-changing library of all human actions, deeds, and thoughts – across all dimensions of time and space.

Whenever your Soul makes the choice to incarnate into physical form (by coming down to Earth in a physical body), a new “chapter” in your personal Record is created. The same is true for all humans.

The Records can give you information about your past lives, decisions you made in the past (and why you made them), past life contracts and vows, karmic relationships, your Soul’s overall journey, and your specific Soul Mission in this lifetime.

You can ask the Records questions about ANY topic imaginable: career, relationships, finances, health, business, and more!

The Records can also help you uncover the root of old patterns, addictions, and self-sabotaging behaviors so you can work through these issues and heal them.

By having access to the Records, you can deeply understand and release limitations in your life such as not being able to manifest a fulfilling relationship or career, not making enough money, or sabotaging your efforts to grow your business.

And, if you choose to become certified at the end of the program, you’ll be able to help your clients do all of this as well.

If you want to learn more, here’s my complete guide on the Akashic Records.

Why does certification matter?

Currently, there are no “industry standards” for Akashic Records readers. This means that there’s no governing board or licensing board that regulates this type of work. There’s also no standard criteria for what’s included in Akashic Records Certification Programs.

For this reason, you might come across people who claim to be professional Akashic Records readers/teachers but who actually haven’t been certified or who have little training, teaching experience, or practical experience behind them. (So it’s always important to ask if a reader is certified and how long they’ve been working with the Records.)

Of course, it’s possible to learn a lot from books and to practice how to work with the Records yourself. However, there’s no substitute to completing a comprehensive, in-depth, rigorous training program with an experienced reader who is certified and has been working with the Records for a while.

To me, it’s extremely important to raise our professional standards in the spiritual “industry”. Working with clients on their healing is a huge responsibility and not something to be taken lightly.

This is why certification matters, and why I became certified myself (in 2012) and have been teaching my certification program for over 5 years.

Akashic Records Certification also gives you a degree of authority and credibility with your clients, enabling you to serve them in a more professional, high-level, and ethical way.

Finally, becoming certified demonstrates your level of commitment to the Akashic Records and to making your work with them as profound and ethical as possible.

Who can get certified?

The Akashic Records are not an exclusive or inaccessible modality. Anyone can get certified and learn how to work with the Records.

You might not think of yourself as “psychic” or as a “medium”, and that’s ok — I don’t, either. (If you do, more power to you!)

Even if you’re not psychic, you DO have extrasensory abilities. We all do. These abilities include being able to sense the energy in a room, visualize certain images when you meditate, and connect to Divine Guidance through your intuition.

The point of my certification program is to develop your intuitive abilities at your own rhythm and in a safe space. No prior “psychic” experience is required.

What makes this certification program different?

You might come across other training programs out there that teach the Akashic Records in group settings (with minimal one-on-one interaction between you and the teacher) or that deliver content or modules automatically (sort of a DIY experience).

My Akashic Records program is different because I deliver it to you in a highly personalized, one-on-one setting over 8 weeks.

It’s so important to me to be fully present for you as a guide, mentor, teacher, and healer.

This training is different because you’ll receive a cutting-edge, highest-quality, comprehensive education on the Akashic Records from a teacher with 10 years of college-level teaching experience who has been a certified reader since 2012.

On top of that, this training will also serve as a deep healing experience for you on both a personal and professional level. Together, we’ll work through any wounds, past life contracts & vows, blocks, self-doubt, and resistance that come up for you as we move through the training.

On top of that (!!), this training can be tailored to meet your specific needs. For example, I can include intuitive business coaching during our final meeting to help you figure out how to set up your business or incorporate the Akashic Records into your existing business model.

No other Akashic Records training program out there offers this level of education, coaching, and deep healing simultaneously.

What are the certification process and requirements?

In my program, we’ll meet 4 times for 2 hours each via Zoom. You’ll receive a PDF packet each time we meet, so you’ll have the program content for life.

We’ll also meet for a 45-minute Akashic Records session so you can experience my approach. This enables us to work on a specific issue or question that comes up for you as we move through the program.

Here’s a breakdown of the certification requirements:

  • complete Akashic Records Certification Program (including 4 one-on-one meetings and all assigned homework)
  • get at least one professional Akashic Records reading (included in the program fee)
  • perform and record (in writing) 15 practice readings on yourself
  • perform and record (in writing) 10 practice readings on others
  • submit your 25 reading write-ups & incorporate instructor feedback into your reading method and protocol

To review the 4 program modules and exactly what you’d be learning, go here.

Have the Akashic Records been calling you?

Before we dive into the program, I often hear from my Akashic Records students that they’ve felt a clear pull to the Records.

Is this true for you as well?

Maybe you’ve seen the name “Akashic Records” in a few different places lately. Or you read a book about the Records and it made you feel emotional or like you were finally “home.” Or you’ve heard about the Records for many years and now feels like the time to dive in for yourself.

If you’ve been hearing the call of the Records, rest assured – it is not accidental or a coincidence.

The Record Keepers are calling you, and they have important work to do with and through you.

If this resonates and you want to have a conversation about whether my program would be the right for you, please let me know via this contact form so we can schedule a discovery call. I look forward to seeing what you could do with the Records!

With love,

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