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BONUS: Introvert, love yourself just as you are


This is a love letter to you, my fellow introvert.

I share a recent situation that triggered an old story related to me being an introvert (and feeling weird, different, weak, and abnormal because of it). I also share how I used that situation to release this story and shift to a deeper place of self-love and self-appreciation.

I talk about:

  • the triggering event that made me feel weird and abnormal for being introverted
  • how I used this situation to grow and understand my needs more clearly
  • common needs we have as introverts (that other people might not get)
  • building your self-confidence and self-love
  • releasing patterns of self-judgment and self-criticism

I hope this is helpful! Remember you’re an extraordinary person just as you are, and don’t need to change yourself to fit in. Thank you for being here.

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