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Breaking Through Your Inner Glass Ceiling

You have an inner glass ceiling.

(We all do.)

This inner glass ceiling is what you bump up against when you try to uplevel your life or business in some way but end up feeling “blocked” or “stuck”. This inner glass ceiling is what derails your manifestations.

It feels like an internal wall, dam, or obstacle. Like something you just can’t get around.

It keeps you where you currently are, regardless of how many affirmations you write on your mirror or how many intentions you send out into the Universe.

It’s painful to bump up against your inner glass ceiling – it brings up feelings of frustration and inadequacy, of not being good enough.

 Determined to turn things around, you dive deeper into spiritual teachings, the Law of Attraction, how you can clean up your vibration to bust through this block and manifest what you’re desiring.

So, for a minute, let’s get clear on that first: what are you desiring?

 If you’re game, join me for a quick exercise – all you need is a blank paper and a pen.

On this paper, draw a horizontal line. Then, write where you currently are (i.e., your “current reality”) BELOW the horizontal line, and write what you’re desiring ABOVE the line.

For example, let’s say you want to transition from your 9-to-5 job to doing spiritual work. Your paper would look like this:

glass ceiling

Now, here’s the key question: what would it mean to you to bust through that line and get to the other side? The side of that thing – whatever it is – you’re desiring?

I’m guessing you’re desiring that thing on the top of your paper because it would be a totally different and new experience. An improved experience. An experience of expansion.

So think about, and feel into, the frustration, annoyance, and emotional upset caused by that line on your paper.

That line represents your inner glass ceiling, and there’s no amount of pushing, forcing, or willpower that can bust through it.

A few years ago, if I had done this exercise, my paper would have looked like this:

glass ceiling

This was my glass ceiling back in 2014, when I started daydreaming about leaving academia and creating a spiritual business.

I had to learn how to break through that ceiling to manifest my desire – a profitable and fulfilling spiritual business – without sabotaging myself along the way.

I’ve been reflecting a lot on how I actually did that.

It definitely does NOT take willpower, pushing, struggling, or forcing. None of these strategies work – at least not sustainably.

Here’s the thing: there was a strong part of me – the part ABOVE the horizontal line on that paper – that could see into the future and feel excited about the MASSIVE POTENTIAL of creating my own business, being self-employed, and doing fulfilling work with my soulmate clients.

That part of me, which I call my Divine Genius, was propelling me forward and ready to take on any challenges with excitement, determination, and FAITH.

You have a Divine Genius as well.

This is the part of you that makes you feel tingly, aligned, and powerful when you get really clear about your desires and WHY you want them. This is the part of you that can see the path ahead and help you take action to achieve your big goals.


(And this is an important “but”!)

…we also have an aspect or part within ourselves that likes to hang out BENEATH our glass ceiling. This part finds that glass ceiling comforting (and COMFORTABLE).

This part likes the status quo and fears change. (A secret: to this part, change feels like DEATH, so it will try to avoid change at all costs.) Let’s call this the fearful part, which is in direct opposition to your Divine Genius.

In my life, when I first tried to create my business, this fearful part showed up in many tangible ways to thwart my efforts:

  • Compare-and-despair: I would look around at other people who were already doing what I wanted to do and feel so small, inadequate, and unprepared
  • Impostor syndrome: I felt I needed at least 3-4 additional certifications or degrees to work with people, and that everyone else knew SO MUCH MORE than me
  • Pricing anxiety: I had no idea how to price my services appropriately (or even how to talk about my services on my website, social media, and with potential clients)
  • Unclear message: I started with the typical “I will serve anyone who shows up!” approach, which left me drained, overwhelmed, and trying to serve clients who were not fully aligned with me (or I with them)
  • Hiding-behind-the-desk syndrome: I wanted to become visible and reach more clients, but my fearful part kept me focused on menial tasks, to-do lists, and busywork that did not yield any real results
  • Analysis paralysis: I watched tons of free webinars, joined Facebook groups, downloaded worksheets & templates, and tried to cobble together a business strategy – but it was all too much so I ended up mentally exhausted and taking ZERO actions

Honestly, I could go on and on.

(And this is why I say that creating your own business is the most accelerated healing path you’ll ever embark on, as it requires inner work every step along the way!)

All of the (uncomfortable) experiences I listed above are symptoms of us bumping up against our inner glass ceiling.

They also point to a major inner conflict between our Divine Genius and the fearful, human, egoic part of us. But, as I said before, we can’t wrestle this fearful part into submission. We can’t will it away, banish it, cover it up with affirmations, or pretend it isn’t there.

What we can and must do is investigate what this part is actually afraid of.

How does it fear the status quo will change if you get what you desire?

We must also explore what this fearful part needs to FEEL SAFE, so you can break through your inner glass ceiling without also breaking down, freaking out, or sabotaging your efforts. (And, trust me, I freaked out A LOT in the beginning years of my business!)

We must resolve the inner conflict between your Divine Genius – which is literally the voice of God/Goddess calling you forth to become ALL that you are meant to be – versus your fearful, non-trusting, resistant, “I’d-rather-hide-under-the-covers-and-keep-everything-as-it-is” human self.

If you’re ready to dive deep into this work and break through your inner glass ceiling, I invite you to schedule a Zoom discovery call to get all the details.

I’ll fill you in on HOW we will do this work together, in how many sessions, and what you can expect.

With love,

A caveat about this work: it will be most effective if you’re ready to take ownership of your life and everything in it. This work is about no longer playing the victim, no longer complaining, no longer feeling sorry for yourself, no longer buying into any BS stories about your lack of power or ability to manifest your desires.

This work is about owning your power, creativity, and determination to make the most of your life and no longer play small or hide your magic from the world.

This work will require you to bring 100% of yourself to the table (I’ll be there, too!) and to whatever you’re trying to create in your life. If this feels like a vibrational match to where you are, let’s co-create something amazing!

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