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How to Open and Read Your Akashic Records

The short answer: anyone can access the Akashic Records. Training and practice are required, of course, but the Akashic Records are a universal archive of information about the journey of every Soul — this means that they aren’t an “exclusive” modality. You have the divine right to work with them, if you so choose.

The Akashic Records have a very strong magnetic energy field. This field will call out to specific people who have a soul-level agreement to do work with the Records. So, if you’re feeling pulled by the energy of the Records, this is no coincidence!

It might be that you’ve seen the term “Akashic Records” everywhere lately, or you recently felt strongly guided to get a reading, or the Records were mentioned in a book and they somehow resonated with you. All of these are signs that the Records are calling out to you, and that your soul mission in this lifetime might involve working with them in some capacity.

But I’m not psychic. Can I still access the Records?

Actually, we all have the capacity to be “psychic” or to receive Divine Guidance directly from Source. Accessing the Records requires a combination of very clear intuition and a strong connection to Source energy. Although we call them the “Akashic Records” for specific reasons (and because we like to label things as humans), the Records are just one vehicle or tool to receive divine information.

Besides, the Records are not a fortune-telling device. We don’t use the Records to ask questions such as, “will I get that promotion?” or “when will I fall in love?” (In fact, the very notion of fortune-telling is a fallacy because we create our realities as we go along; there is no predetermined future.)

Thus, the ability to “see” into the future or to predict future events is not required. The Records are much more concerned with the energy of the past — for example, past life experiences — and how that energy is influencing or playing a role in the present.

What’s required to learn how to access the Records for myself and others?

Here are the essential requirements:

  • a willingness to develop and refine your intuition + intuitive senses
  • a willingness to clear out anything that might block your “inner sight” (such as limiting patterns, self-doubt, fear, and past life contracts where you’ve vowed to shut down your intuition or not do spiritual work)
  • a willingness to continually work on your own healing + growth
  • a willingness to step into the unknown (your first few times in the Records might feel overwhelming, confusing, or as though nothing is happening — this is all normal)
  • a willingness to complete the required practice readings on yourself and others
  • the ability to complete an Akashic Records training program

I already do other kinds of spiritual work/I already have an established practice. Do I have to give that up to work with the Records?

Definitely not. The beautiful thing about the Records is that they’re such a flexible modality. They can be combined with many other forms of spiritual work such as Reiki, energy healing, intuitive healing, sound healing, Tarot, and intuitive/spiritual coaching.

I even know a number of psychotherapists and mental health counselors who have incorporated the Records into their work, specifically because their clients were not getting the results they needed with straight-up therapy. In these cases, the Records can serve as a powerful complement to other modalities and help you achieve deeply transformational results not only for yourself but also for your clients (if you work with people in this capacity).

What does an Akashic Records Training Program look like?

My training program is conducted one-on-one because I like to give my students my undivided attention. I also use the training to help my students work through their particular challenges, heal, and develop themselves so they will be fully successful in their work with the Records.

Therefore, my training program includes coaching and intuitive healing. As the saying goes, if we want to work as healers, we have to continually heal ourselves as well. This is very important to me and one of the foundational principles of the program.

In the program, we work through 4 modules that cover the following areas of study:

  • history and definition of the Akashic Records
  • the 4 Akashic Records principles
  • the Record Keepers (who are the Light Beings who work with us inside the Records?)
  • intuitive development
  • the Akashic Records portal prayer & closing prayer
  • ethics of reading others’ Records (and how to do so without reactivating trauma)
  • how to formulate the most insightful questions to ask the Records
  • how to use the Records to facilitate deep healing
  • how to give a past life reading through the Records
  • how to revoke past life contracts through the Records
  • the key responsibilities of the spiritual healer
  • how to become a clear vehicle for Divine Guidance
  • BONUS MODULE for those interested in giving professional readings: the fundamentals of setting up a spiritual business and Akashic Records practice

There’s plenty of time (usually 2 weeks) in between modules to practice what you’re learning and start opening your own Records and the Records of other people. The training is delivered one-on-one via Zoom, with all training program materials delivered via email. To learn more about the program, go here.

The healing frequency of the Akashic Records

Every time we (truly) access the Records, we’re shifting into a higher level of consciousness beyond 3D reality and beyond the ego mind. My students often experience significant shifts in their lives as a result of working with the Records, because simply being in their energy can activate powerful healing and inner transformation.

Learning how to work with the Records can significantly deepen your intuitive abilities, your meditation practice, your capacity to connect to your Spirit Guides, and your own healing and growth. The Records can also be a vehicle for you to express your Divine Purpose in this lifetime, if you’re called to do this work with other people.

To take the next step — and ask any questions about the program — please email me directly at

Let’s explore whether the Akashic Records are the right step for you, and if we’d be a good fit working together. I know you’re here for a reason, and I’d love to share the power and depth of the Records with you!

In the meantime, here are some other options to continue exploring the Records:

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