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Can the Akashic Records Be Changed?

Can you change the content of your Akashic Records? This is a question I often hear from clients before and during their Akashic Records readings. (If you’re unfamiliar with the Akashic Records and would like to explore what they are, please check out my complete guide.)

The short answer is, YES, you have the power and agency to change the content of your Akashic Records. So how does this work?

Essentially, the Akashic Records are a universal archive of information encoded in the energy field that sustains all life. We ourselves exist within and are sustained by this energy field as well. Information within the Records is recorded as light — this is why we call them the “Akashic” Records, since akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning the fifth element, or light.

The Akashic Records also exist beyond our human construction of time and space. The Records are timeless, which is why we can use them to retrieve past life information and to make future decisions.

Ultimately, time itself (both within and without the Akashic Records) is a human construct. In reality, everything is happening simultaneously all the time. This is why you sometimes feel feelings or emotions from a situation that happened to you 10 or 20 years ago.

When you heal a past wound, you’re rewriting the information contained in your individual Akashic Records.

Time is an illusion and your past, present, and future are all happening simultaneously right now. This means that when you go back to a past lifetime experience or even a childhood experience from your current lifetime and heal it, you’re actually healing yourself in all directions of time and space.

Let’s use an example to clarify this. Let’s say that you were persecuted/punished in a past lifetime for being spiritual or intuitive or for using your intuitive gifts. This was obviously a traumatic incident that became embedded in your energy field, in your cells, in your memory, and in your subconscious.

Let’s say that this past lifetime trauma has led you to create some unhealthy coping mechanisms in your present lifetime because you’re trying to avoid the same fate (even if you’re doing it unconsciously). So instead of embracing and developing your intuitive gifts, you actually disconnect from your own intuition and keep yourself from becoming a fully spiritual being who’s in touch with her deep inner knowing. This obviously results in a variety of issues, such as not being able to tell when a situation is good for you or not (because you can’t access your intuition about it).

In this case, it would be extremely useful to go back to the traumatic event from a past lifetime to release and heal its emotional, psychological, and spiritual impacts. When you do this through an Akashic Records reading, you’re not only healing yourself in that past lifetime but you’re also healing yourself in your current incarnation. Even beyond that, you’re healing your future self, who won’t have to deal with this issue in any future incarnations. Think of it as doing your future self a huge favor!

In this way, you’re able to change not only future situations recorded in your personal Akashic Records, but also past and present situations.

The Akashic Records are a living, breathing, and ever-changing entity adapts to your own changes and new choices.

When you decide to make a different choice, even if it seems like a small matter — like giving up sugar or drinking more water or setting a healthy boundary with a neighbor or friend — you’re effectively changing the information contained in your Akashic Records.

Instead of thinking of your Records as a fixed, rigid, and unchanging “book,” think of them as a living entity that morphs and changes based on the choices you make every day.

There’s truly nothing in your life that’s fully predetermined or “written in stone.” Most things, situations, and conditions can be changed, either materially or by changing your mindset about them.

The Akashic Records are not an oracle or a fortune-telling device, which is why asking yes/no questions or timing questions is usually not very productive. The Records want to offer you complex, nuanced answers to open-ended questions so you can gather information and make more informed choices in your life. They don’t want to make your choices for you. (If you need help formulating questions to ask your Akashic Records, here’s my guide with 28 sample questions.)

What about soul and past life contracts? Aren’t they predetermined?

Yes, soul contracts are predetermined contracts that your soul has made to experience certain situations, relationships, and circumstances in your current lifetime. You need many of these situations and experiences to grow, learn, and move into a higher level of consciousness. The Akashic Records often provide very helpful information and clarity about the types of contracts your soul has made, either with just yourself or with other people.

However, we ultimately live in a Universe that’s ruled by free will. (Thank heavens, because we’d all be automatons otherwise!) This means that you have the freedom and the right to alter, terminate, and/or release your past life contracts if they’re causing you suffering.

One of the biggest lessons you can learn on the spiritual path is that you don’t need to suffer in order to evolve. You can evolve through joy, love, excitement, and conscious living. So you can use your free will and agency to explore your soul contracts and rewrite them with the help of a spiritual guide, mentor, or healer.

Obviously, if you do change or revoke a past life contract, you’ll be creating a vacuum where that contract used to be. So it’s really important to create a new, more intentional contract moving forward — and to change your behavior accordingly. You can do this under the guidance of a certified Akashic Records reader (more info on how to work with me here) or a spiritual healer who works with soul and past life contracts.

For example, you can’t go through the process of revoking a past life contract of servitude to others and then continue to behave in ways that put everyone else ahead of yourself. In other words, your free will and agency must be aligned with your behavior. This will ensure that any changes made to your soul contracts will stick and will be carried through in your future incarnations (so you won’t have to deal with these issues again — finally!).

Is there any information in the Akashic Records that can’t be changed?

Your soul obviously chose to incarnate into physical form in your current lifetime. You also chose how you would enter the world, how and where you would grow up, and the challenges you would face up until this very point in time. All of these things have already happened, and so they’re recorded as they have happened in your Akashic Records.

In other words, the material facts of your earlier years (up until now) on this Earth during your current lifetime can’t really be altered. However, you can still go into your Records to explore past experiences — both from distant past lifetimes and from your childhood in this lifetime — to heal their emotional resonance and perhaps redefine their significance and meaning.

While you can’t really change WHAT happened in the past and the material circumstances of those events, you can change how you see and define those events. You can also change their impact and influence on your current and future life situations.

So, be wary: if a healer or spiritual guide ever tells you that there are things in your Akashic Records that can’t be changed or healed, look for a second opinion! You want to work with people who will empower you and remind you that you have the right, freedom, agency, and even responsibility to fully explore and heal all aspects of your past and present experiences. There’s always a way to heal or look at something differently.

You can always rewrite your story.

In fact, the guides and light beings who work within the Akashic Records (the Lords, Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones) will always encourage you to use your free will to rewrite your story and to heal yourself. Your past doesn’t have to define you, and your future continually changes based on the choices you make today.

Interested in exploring or changing your Akashic Records? Request a healing session here. You can also explore my Akashic Records Certification Program to learn how to open and read your own Records and give professional readings to others.

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6 thoughts on “Can the Akashic Records Be Changed?”

    1. Josephine Hardman

      Hi Dane! Thank you for this great question. The short answer is NO. We cannot open or alter anyone else’s Akashic Records without their consent and explicit permission. We can only revoke or change our own contracts, but not the contracts of anyone else. In situations where two people share a contract together, each party would need to revoke their side of the contract to be “done” with it.

    1. Josephine Hardman

      Hi Patricia! Excellent question. Let me clarify – it’s not so much that we “erase” the past. It’s more like we “update” it. In other words, no matter what we do in the Records, we can’t erase our past, our history, our family lineage, etc. All of that is an important part of who we are today, in our current incarnation.

      What we CAN do in the Records is go back into the past and heal it, so that any negative or traumatic experiences no longer affect our present/future or prevent us from moving forward consciously. So, we could say that by working with the Records, we become more free and liberated from the past, and can step into our present and future more joyfully, lightly, and with a clear vision for what we want to create moving forward.

      Since all of this happens in collaboration between healer and client – and the client must take an engaged part in the healing process – yes, absolutely, people are fully aware of what they are healing or changing in their own Records.

  1. I have a question. I think I accessed my Akashic records. In my personal terms, I met with my (deceased) great-great-grandmother. We talk for a bit, like we have before, then…I just went through this flash of “knowing” and experiencing from several of my ancestors. Since then two family members have contacted me. We don’t often speak, so that alone is odd. The oddest part is both of them acted utterly ignorant of the shadier aspects of our family’s past. This is normally the only stuff we talk about when we do speak! It is like I came back to a different Universe. Is this normal?

    1. Josephine Hardman

      Hi Necole! Thank you for reading my blog post and sharing your experience/questions.

      To answer the first part – it does sound like you accessed the Records (or possibly another level of consciousness beyond ordinary human experience). We often do we meet with “Loved Ones” in the Records – these are the Souls of people we once knew, who have already passed on. And the flash of insight into your ancestors and ancestral line is also characteristic of being in the Records.

      The second part – we can definitely experience shifts in our relationship dynamics after working in the Records (these could be romantic relationships, friendships, family relationships, etc). So YES, it could be that these family members energetically (most likely unconsciously) responded to your experience.

      The most important question, always, is: how can I use what I learned/experienced through the Akashic Records and put it into daily practice? In other words, how can you use the insights you gained to better understand yourself, understand your family, and give yourself and/or others compassion where needed? (Or perhaps where do you need to set more boundaries, if that’s necessary?) Just some things to think about, if it resonates!

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