30 Career Questions to Ask the Tarot Deck

Are you transitioning from one career or line of work to another? Considering leaving your current job to pursue different work? The Tarot can help you answer any questions about career and work you might have.

This post will teach you how to formulate insightful career questions for your Tarot deck and give you 30 examples of really good questions. (Oh, and I threw in a bonus 7-card Career Spread at the end.)

Let’s get started!

Formulating Career Questions: Super Quick Guide

My method for formulating career questions to ask the Tarot — really, any kind of questions to ask the Tarot — is laid out in detail here: 20 Insightful Questions. If you don’t have time to go read that post, let’s recap quickly:

  • Avoid asking yes/no questions. The Tarot wants to give you complex, interesting answers to your questions. Yes/no questions are better suited for a tool like a pendulum.
  • Avoid questions that try to manipulate or control someone else, such as: “How can I make my boss go away?” or “How can I change my co-worker’s behavior?”
  • Focus on questions that start with how and why. For example: “How can I integrate my soul mission with my daily work?” or “Why did I manifest my current job situation?”

 30 Career & Work Questions

  1. Is my current work/job aligned with my soul? (If not, what can I do to improve this?)
  2. What beliefs about work did I inherit from my family?
  3. What did my parents/guardians believe about work and career?
  4. What was I told about my own future career possibilities when I was growing up?
  5. Did my parents have specific career goals for me? (If so, did these limit me in any way?)
  6. Am I doing something I love every day in my work?
  7. Is my work enjoyable? If not, how can I make it more enjoyable?
  8. What parts of my work do I love?
  9. What parts of my work do I dislike?
  10. What parts of my work can I cut out or reduce to be happier?
  1. Is it best for me to look for new work right now?
  2. What kind of new work do I actually want to do?
  3. What is my soul mission?
  4. What kind of work makes my heart sing?
  5. What kind of work makes me feel useful?
  6. How can I do work that makes me happy and brings me material abundance?
  7. How can I become more independent?
  8. How can I become more self-sufficient?
  9. Am I investing in myself right now? Do I need to do more of that?
  10. What did I learn about career and work from my culture/society?
  1. What kind of work should I never do again?
  2. [If facing two career alternatives]: Which of these possibilities is most aligned with me?
  3. How can I manifest the ideal job for me?
  4. What can I do to get along with my boss/co-worker/employee?
  5. How can I resolve this workplace issue/problem?
  6. What am I not seeing about my career choices right now?
  7. Do I trust my own instincts when it comes to my career? If not, why not?
  8. Have I been conditioned to think of a 9-to-5 job as the only “normal” type of work? How can I undo this conditioning?
  9. How can I have more freedom in my schedule? (Or set my own schedule?)
  10. How can I balance my career with my personal and family life?

*BONUS* A Tarot Spread for Career & Work


Tarot relationship spread

Use this spread to explore where you currently are in terms of your work, career, and professional life. Pull one card for each position (1-7). If a card doesn’t seem to make sense, pull a second card as a clarifier for the same question.  

  1. Am I currently aligned with the work I’m doing?
  2. What aspect of my current work is the most aligned with my Soul?
  3. What aspect of my current work is draining my energy or not really aligned with my Soul?
  4. What are the beliefs I hold about my professional life/career?
  5. Where did I learn these beliefs (from #4)?
  6. What career/work patterns am I playing out right now? (i.e., a pattern of scarcity, a pattern of playing small, a pattern of listening to external authority rather than inner knowing, etc)
  7. How can I do more of my Soul-aligned work at my current job?

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