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The Akashic Records: A Complete Guide for Healing Yourself

Before we dive into what the Akashic Records are, how they work, how they’re organized, and how they can powerfully change your life — do a quick exercise with me. It’s really simple.

Just close your eyes and think of your most pressing challenge right now. Is it a relationship that’s not quite working out? Or an addiction to food, TV, shopping, drinking? Maybe you’re not fully satisfied at your current job? Maybe you’ve never been satisfied at any job, and yet you have no idea what you’re actually meant to do?

You might have already tried to solve your current challenge through other means: therapy, meditation, self-help books, diet & lifestyle changes, listening to your intuition, maybe even an exorcism as a last resort…

And yet none of these solutions has worked long-term or offered enough relief. If they had, you wouldn’t still be thinking of this issue when I ask you to “think of your most pressing challenge.” So, this is where the Akashic Records might be able to offer you something new: a new approach, a new way of thinking, and deeper healing at the level of your soul.

Let’s start at the beginning:

What are the Akashic Records?


Akashic Records soul readingThe Akashic Records are essentially an archive of everything that has transpired through all directions of time and space. I like to imagine them as a gigantic library. They exist beyond our human construction of time, because they are non-linear and part of the energy field that surrounds us all (in fact, we live and breathe and exist within the matrix of this energy field — we are an integral part of it).

Taken from the root word “Akasha,” meaning “book of life,” the Akashic Records contain both collective and individual information for the entire history of the universe. This includes past, present, and future events, as well as the infinite possibilities of events. It’s sort of like that butterfly-flaps-its-wings theory: when you make a certain choice throughout your day — let’s say, to get coffee instead of tea in the morning — there are ripples of consequence that follow that choice. If you had gotten tea, your day would have been irrevocably different. And, in fact, in another, parallel dimension, you did choose the tea over the coffee. (This might be getting too abstract and woo-woo, but I promise you, it’s true).

The Akashic Records are an infinite source of information we can access to learn more about ourselves in our current, parallel, and past incarnations. The Records are accessible to all of us, as long as we proceed with the utmost respect and have been trained to open and read the information within.

The “book of life” is therefore not secret, but sacred — and we must always take the Records’ sacredness seriously and use them only to serve the highest good and healing for all concerned. We must also ensure that we’re open and ready to hear the information that shows up, which can include uncomfortable, painful images of past life experiences or issues related to karma.

It’s also important to use any past life information that arises in a way that benefits the present and opens up the future. We’re not just accessing information for its own sake, but to use it productively and wisely in the present moment to craft a more intentional future.

In my own private practice, and for convenience, I sometimes refer to Akashic Records readings as “soul readings” or “past life readings.” They are, indeed, both of these and more.

The very act of opening the Records can shift us to a higher energetic vibration, because we’re accessing universal wisdom in a conscious and powerful way. We’re asking for help. We’re going beyond our comfort zones and signaling to the Universe: “I’m ready to heal — please help me.” So, an Akashic Records reading is more than just a reading; it’s a form of spiritual healing.

The Four Akashic Principles

After working with the Records for many years, both personally and professionally, I discovered that there are four main principles that govern the energy of the Records. These are specific to me, and they’re the foundation on which I base all of my readings.

  1. Love. The Akashic Records are contained and speak to us through the energy of love. They will never impose themselves on us. The information that comes through is therefore non-judgmental and will never make us feel afraid, inadequate, insecure, confused, or discouraged.
  2. Helpfulness and Hopefulness. An Akashic Records reading is meant to bring relief, inner peace, helpfulness, and hopefulness to the client/seeker.
  3. Profound Empowerment. The client/seeker is meant to walk away from the reading with a sense of empowerment, of renewed hope, and of expanded choices. The Akashic Records reader must help the client become empowered and find and express her voice and truth. Co-dependency between client and reader is a sign that something has gone terribly wrong.
  4. Current Lifetime Relevance. The information you receive for yourself and/or others through the Akashic Records must be applicable and useful for your (or their) current lifetime. Dwelling on past lifetimes just for their own sake is not advisable. Instead, always try to use the information or at least figure out how it applies to your current lifetime and what you can do with it (or what new insights/perspectives arise).

Do you have unfinished past life issues?

How can you tell if you have unfinished past life issues or karma you need to clear? Well, the simple answer is: everyone has *some* of these.

Remember that issue I asked you to think about earlier? That’s a good place to start. Has this issue been with you for a very long time, perhaps your entire life? Has it shown up repeatedly for you? Do you feel it very intensely — does it cause you intense, difficult, painful emotions? See, here are the two fail-proof ways of identifying a past life issue:

1. It has recurred throughout most of your life, in different or similar forms. 


2. It causes you tremendous difficulty, painful emotions, and challenging situations. 

If you answered YES to both, I’d say there’s a 99% chance that what you’re dealing with has some underlying roots in a past life or past life experiences.

I’ll list some of the most common reasons people request an Akashic Records reading in my own private practice to give you an idea:

  • compulsions of any kind (food, drink, drugs, gambling, shopping, sex, TV, etc)
  • destructive behaviors & personality tendencies (i.e., perfectionism, overthinking, anxiety, control issues, fear, guilt)
  • inability to leave toxic relationships
  • putting everyone else above yourself excessively (i.e., the “caregiver” syndrome)
  • a sense that there’s “more” to life than what you’ve experienced, but feeling lost about making changes
  • career/job issues (the desire to discover and do your “soul work,” but not knowing where to start)

All of these *can* point to past life issues. Even if your challenge is not rooted in a specific past lifetime, the Akashic Records hold powerful, wise, supportive information that can give you clarity, heal you, and get you moving forward.

Past life contracts & vows

During my own Akashic Records readings with clients, I spend a lot of time identifying and revoking past life vows and contracts.

You see, when you played specific roles and identities in past lives, you often made powerful decisions about the future. For example, if you experienced a few lifetimes as a cloistered nun, you may have taken on vows or contracts of poverty, silence, and chastity. Because linear time doesn’t exist, and everything is happening simultaneously, these vows still affect you today.

These vows become “engraved” in your DNA, cellular structure, and personal history. They recur throughout lifetimes unless you consciously and intentionally revoke them.

The number of vows you could have made is infinite, including vows to block creativity, to shut down your intuition, to self-punishment through bad jobs or unhealthy relationships, to limitations of time and money, and to protecting/helping everyone else before yourself.

These vows are archived in your personal Akashic Record, so accessing this information allows you to become conscious of the contracts you’ve made. We can then revoke them using a specific protocol and fire ritual.

From there, we can deliberately create new vows that liberate you from the burdens of the old vows. New contracts are much more freeing and expansive, because they are intentional.

For someone with an old vow of poverty, a new contract could be: “I choose to open up to receive all the abundance the universe has for me, now and forevermore.”

If you’re experiencing a turbulent, intense, twin flame type of relationship, this also points to a potential past life contract you’ve made with this other soul. You’ve made contracts with your parents, your children, your friends, your boss, and everyone else who has ever been in your life. If any of these relationships isn’t working in a healthy and balanced way, you can investigate whether you made a contract with that person — and what kind of contract. You can then release or change the contract intentionally to shift the relationship.

The Akashic Records team

When you receive an Akashic Records reading, you’re not only working with your own Spirit Guides. You’re also working with the Akashic “team,” which is made up of the Lords, Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones. Let’s explore the role of each member of this team.

The Lords. They’re the highest authority and safekeepers of the Records. The first line of defense. They guard, protect, and shield the Akashic field and information from lower entities and negative vibrations. They ensure that the Records are accessible to us as long as we use the proper protocols to access and read them.

The Masters. The Masters are second in command, in charge of protecting and guarding individual Books within the Records. The Masters don’t necessarily work with us individually, but they ensure that our individual Books/Records are well-maintained and easily accessible for us. If you’re opening your own Records, you might meet a Master who helps you locate your Book or who delivers your Book to you.

The Teachers. Teachers work more personally with you, helping you to actually read and interpret the information in your Record. (Or they work on your behalf with your Akashic Records reader if you’re getting a professional reading.) The Teachers help us perceive, sense, know, and understand the information that comes through. They also ensure that our readings are accurate and helpful. For example, if we open the Records and continue to ask the same question over and over (because we don’t like the answer we’re getting!), the Teachers will step in, close the Book, and make us draw a blank. If this happens to you, it just means they’re helping you redirect or rephrase your question.

The Loved Ones. Loved Ones are the souls of beings we once knew (i.e., family members, friends, partners, etc) who have crossed over to the other side. Some of them are assigned to work within the Hall of Records. Your particular Loved Ones work only with you and with the Records of other people they knew while they were incarnated. They can further help you understand and interpret the information you receive. Loved Ones are especially available to dispel your doubts or insecurities about your ability to read your own Records, if you choose to do so.

The opening question

So you decide to go ahead and get an Akashic Records reading. Great! But what do you ask?

With my own clients, I always like to start things off by asking one opening question. This question helps us get into the energy of the Records for that person and to start receiving information.

The best questions are self-focused (don’t ask about anyone else — it’s unethical!) and open-ended. Just like the Tarot, the Akashic Records don’t like yes-or-no questions. They want to provide you with lots of information so you can make an informed decision. They don’t want to predict your future or make your choices for you.

Here’s a list of actual questions my clients have asked:

  • What is my purpose in my current lifetime? How can I integrate my soul mission or purpose with my career/job?
  • Do I have a karmic relationship from a past lifetime with my current spouse, partner, father, mother, brother, sister, son, or daughter?
  • I’m faced with a decision between two or more options. Which is most aligned for me?
  • How can I become more financially abundant? What was my relationship to money in past lifetimes?
  • Did I make a vow of poverty, scarcity, lack, or suffering in a past life? How can I release it?
  • Is my current illness/disease tied to a past life?
  • I can’t seem to get past this compulsive or destructive behavior. Am I carrying this over from a past lifetime? What’s the lesson, and how can I move on?
  • I’m having issues with romantic relationships. How can I open my heart and attract the kind of partner I really want? How can I stop attracting partners who are unavailable or abusive?

How a reading works

The following approach applies to my own Akashic Records readings, which will inevitably vary from other readers’ approaches.

When a client requests a reading from me, we first work together to craft a productive opening question. We narrow down the issue, challenge, or concern you want to address. We get to the bottom of it.

Then, I use the Akashic Records portal prayer to get us into the Records. Typically, I start receiving information before we even ask your question. I’ll often have to walk through a specific building or structure to get into the Records, and that building or structure holds some meaning regarding your question. The shape, color, positioning, and binding of your individual Record also hold clues that we decipher together. Often, an object — like keys, a photo, a packet of seeds, a piece of ribbon — will fall out of your Book when I first open it. These objects provide more clues.

After examining the initial sensory information, we ask your opening question. From there, we continue receiving information and asking follow-up questions. The reading progresses organically in the most helpful direction for you.

Sometimes, we’ll have to do some work beyond the reading, especially if there’s a past life vow or contract to deal with. In those cases, I provide you with detailed instructions to carry out the work that’s needed, whether it’s revoking a contract or healing a past life wound.

Interested in exploring your Akashic Records? You can book an Akashic Records reading with me here. If your soul is calling you to learn how to read your own Records and offer readings to others, my Akashic Records Training Program is also available.

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4 thoughts on “The Akashic Records: A Complete Guide for Healing Yourself”

  1. Hi Josephine

    Firstly, I would like to thank you for writing in depth knowledge about the AR

    My question is, when you change your first name, does it have to be similar for eg my name is Belinda do I need to have Bella, Bell or can I have something different like Victoria for example.

    I am very spiritual and work within other realms, and cross spirits over. the reason why I ask is, I have had my identity stolen to the point where I am in a safe house for protection, and I need to change my first and last name however I don’t want to upset the timeline or my soul’s records.

    If you can help me with my question, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards

    1. Josephine Hardman

      Hi Belinda, you’re very welcome! I’m so sorry to hear of the issues you’ve had — that is absolutely awful. I hope you are now safe; that’s what matters most of all. To answer your question: you have free will in this lifetime to change your name however you wish. Your individual Record (inside of the Akashic Records) is able to evolve and change along with you. So if you’re making a positive, healthy, aligned change in your life — including changing your name to what most resonates with you — your Record will reflect that and it will actually shift you to a higher, more supportive timeline for where you are right now. I hope this helps!

  2. Your method of approaching, describing, and working with the Records is the most helpful and grounded of all that I have found online about the Records. Thank you so much for that. I would like to know if you think it’s safe to access one’s records in a group setting, with each person accessing their own records privately and then sharing about it afterward.

    1. Josephine Hardman

      Hi Keely, thank you for your kind words about my work. I’m so glad you’re here! And this is a great question. I would say yes, as long there are clear “ground rules” for the group and, ideally, if a skilled facilitator/AR practitioner is guiding the group. For example, it would be really important for everyone in the group to feel safe, receptive, and grounded… and for each person to have the option to choose whether they share, and how much they share, of whatever they receive from the Records. This is because the information can be very personal and go very deep. I hope this helps!

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