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Consciously nourish and claim your Divine gifts

The Weekly Seeker #24

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There’s a life-changing magic that happens when you FULLY embrace and nurture your gifts.

When you make a conscious decision to no longer play small…

… no longer apologize for who you are…

… no longer ask permission to EXPAND…

… no longer shrink down to make others feel comfortable…

… no longer live from an old (inaccurate) story of not being “good enough”.

Your Soul made a brave, powerful, meaningful choice to incarnate into the physical body you’re in right now… for a reason.

So you could learn what you need to learn in this lifetime.

So you could release what no longer serves you and what you no longer need to carry.

So you could fulfill your deepest purpose and Divine mission.

So you could anchor light into this planet.

So you could help other humans remember WHO they really are, and WHY they’re really here.

In order to do all of this – to fulfill your deepest purpose and be of service in powerful ways – you MUST claim, own, embody, and express your sacred gifts.

You must create space in yourself and in your life for these gifts to blossom.

You must say YES! to your gifts and say YES! to your inner brilliance and expansion. (Even when it feels really scary to say yes.)

Your gifts include the talents, abilities, insights, accumulated wisdom, know-how, life experience, and professional expertise you’ve mastered in this lifetime or already carry within you as essential aspects of who you are.

NO ONE out there has the same energetic blueprint, the same energetic frequency, the same unique combination of gifts, wisdom, and experience that you bring to the table.

NO ONE out there can replicate your gifts.

NO ONE can fulfill your role in humanity’s collective process of evolution and awakening.

This is because the role you’re meant to play is one-of-a-kind, and only YOU are equipped to play it. (Only you know the lines!)

Once you make the conscious choice to encourage your gifts to blossom, to step fully into your gifts, to nurture them, to claim and share them with the world –

Magical things happen.

First, the Universe re-organizes itself around you — to provide the necessary support and scaffolding along the way. (You won’t have to “figure it all out” yourself.)

Second, your personal team of Divine Guides will rally and kick things into high gear – to deliver the needed guidance, intuitive nudges, and inner knowing you will use to guide your next most aligned steps. (This happens step by step, one day at a time.)

Third, unexpected doorways will open and new opportunities will materialize – to bring you endless streams of abundance that will support you in releasing ANYTHING that no longer serves you (including relationships, jobs, places, and life circumstances that no longer serve you).

Once you decide to claim, nourish, and share your unique, sacred gifts…

… to do everything in your power to align with your deepest purpose…

… you will not be alone for even one moment.

You’ll be surrounded by scores of Divine (and human!) helpers, all showing up to assist with your mission.

All you have to do is ask… trust… surrender…

… and claim your gifts, your brilliance, your wisdom RIGHT NOW.

With love,

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    1. Josephine Hardman

      Hi Michelle, you’re very welcome! Thank you for being here and letting me know this landed at the right time.

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