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Heal unworthiness & shift from overwhelm to empowerment

The Pain of Being Highly Sensitive

Being highly sensitive isn't easy, especially in an insensitive world.

Your high sensitivity might feel like a challenge, or as something that's causing suffering in your life.

You might feel flawed. Abnormal. Different. Weird.

You might believe that your feelings are too much, probably because people told you so growing up.

"You're too sensitive."
"You're a drama queen."
"You're exaggerating."
"You're so touchy."
"Get over it!"

I bet that, like me, you've often heard these words. Once we internalize them, these ideas are reinforced by a culture that doesn't fully value or understand sensitivity.

Are you afraid of making others uncomfortable with the intensity of your feelings?

Are you afraid of being too emotional, too passionate, too eager, too intense?

Are you also exhausted?

Exhausted from trying to manage your feelings.
Exhausted from responding so deeply to everything.
Exhausted from feeling embarrassed or weak.
Exhausted from dreading social events, holidays, dinners, and having to go out into the world.
Exhausted from being emotionally and physically overwhelmed.
Exhausted from trying to make up excuses to not have to do things you know would exhaust you even more.
Exhausted from the cycle of rumination and overthinking that comes after every interaction, event, or conversation.

Yup, I've been there, too.

I bet you've tried to cope however you can. (Of course, it doesn't help that we're not taught how to care for our sensitive nature - often not by our parents, or school, or society.)

Maybe you've tried to make yourself smaller to avoid making others uncomfortable.

Suppressed your feelings.
Tried to power through.
Tried to keep up with the less sensitive people in your life.
Tried to be less emotional, putting on a stoic mask or pretending certain things don't affect you as much as they do.
Tried to numb your feelings with ice cream, chocolate, cookies, wine (or all of the above).

Yup, I was there, too.


But what if your sensitivity is not a curse, a problem, or something to be "fixed"? 

What if you could embrace & express your sensitivity without so much pain?

Your Sensitivity Has a Purpose

Whether you're aware of it right now or not, your sensitivity has a purpose.

It's not a curse or even a "neutral trait." It's actually a gift.

Your sensitivity is what has made you a seeker. It's directly connected to your intuition and to your Soul Purpose. 

And I bet - in fact, I know - that there are other gifts lying dormant behind your sensitivity.

So, what if you could...

  • fully understand your sensitivity and sensitive gifts? 
  • reframe old beliefs about yourself and clear out the baggage you've taken on from other people?
  • heal your sensitive inner child?
  • begin differentiating your energy & emotions from those of other people?
  • set clear boundaries and enforce them when needed?
  • say YES and NO from an empowered place without feeling "wrong" or weak?
  • no longer dread every event, phone call, birthday party, or vacation?
  • understand how to care for your sensitive needs & learn practical tools to protect your energy?
  • connect with a supportive community of other highly sensitive women facing similar challenges?

If you're ready to make this journey, I invite you to join The Powerfully Sensitive Program -
lovingly designed for highly sensitive women by a highly sensitive woman.


I've Been Where You Are

Hi, I'm Josephine, and I was born sensitive.

In fact, I was born prematurely by c-section, so I've had to work hard to feel safe despite being thrown into the world before I was ready.

As a child, I was a dreamer and a feeler - always feeling things deeply. Always hyper-aware of other people's feelings. Always trying to manage my emotions to avoid overwhelming, upsetting, or disappointing others.

I carried many of these traits into my adolescent years, where I had a few experiences that instilled a deep sense of shame, not belonging, and being "different" (a weirdo, a freak, an outcast... you name it).

Ever since I can remember, I had the sense that I was too much.

So, over time and through the external messages I heard, I learned to tone myself down.
To become less.
To temper and dilute myself.

It wasn't until adulthood that I learned what being an "empath" and a "highly sensitive person" really meant. These traits, these essential parts of me, had always seemed like a challenge. Like something to fix. An inconvenience. Some days, even a curse.

My own journey has been about healing my shame, unworthiness, fear, and feelings of being separate, weird, and "abnormal". Of being too much.

I came to realize that my too-muchness is actually the best part of me. The part that's connected to a deep source of power, intuition, and creativity. The part that's a healer, a creator, a wise + wild woman, a compassionate guide for other women on the path.

Over time and through inner work, I've transformed from a scared, anxious, and overwhelmed highly sensitive person - hiding away and disavowing my gifts - to an empowered highly sensitive healer.

So, I wonder... how might you use your sensitivity more powerfully and joyfully in this lifetime? 

Through this program, I am invested in helping you...

Shift from overwhelm to empowerment

With the right tools and support, you can make the journey from being overwhelmed by the world to being an empowered, fully present, and happy highly sensitive person.

Heal chronic overstimulation

As HSPs, we can often become stuck in a vicious cycle of chronic overstimulation, which can manifest as irritability, anxiety, panic, intense emotional ups-and-downs, or retreating from the world. This program will help you establish a self-care routine specifically to heal overstimulation and to feel more grounded.

Heal unworthiness, shame, or "not belonging"

Growing up with the sense of being different, weird, or "too much" can lead to a sense of unworthiness and sometimes even shame about who you are. This program will help you see your sensitivity as a Divine Gift and reclaim your core sense of self-worth.

Heal your sensitive inner child

Your sensitive inner child often carries many of the wounds and feelings of inadequacy you developed in childhood/adolescence. In Module 2, we go deep into inner child work to connect with, befriend, and heal your sensitive inner child.

Reclaim your energy + wellbeing

HSPs and empaths often have poor personal and energetic boundaries. By restoring these boundaries and learning how to say NO from an empowered place, you will be able to reclaim your energy and wellbeing.

Feel seen, heard, and held

Being fully seen and heard for who we are has powerful healing effects, and this is often something that was missing in our childhoods. The goal of this program is to create an environment where you feel seen, heard, and held - without having to hide or suppress your true self.

How Does the Program Work?

This is an online, self-study program divided into 4 Modules.

Once you enroll, you will have lifetime access to the materials (with the ability to download them to your computer). This means that you can go at your own pace and take as long as you need to complete the program.

Each Module has a specific theme, and they build on each other progressively. The Modules are broken down in detail in the Program Curriculum below.

The program materials include:

  • 20 audios (12-20 minutes each)
  • 4 assignment audios
  • 12 worksheets & experiential exercises/tools
  • 4 reading & resources lists
  • a guided meditation to connect with your Divine Essence + create an inner sanctuary


I am also available for email support at any point as you work through the modules.

Program Curriculum: the 4 Modules

MODULE 1: Understanding High Sensitivity as a Personality Trait & as a Spiritual Gift (Plus, the Highly Sensitive Brain)

  • The scientific understanding of high sensitivity (or "sensory processing sensitivity")
  • A spiritual understanding of why you're highly sensitive
  • The 4 major traits of the highly sensitive person
  • The difference between highly sensitive people and empaths
  • Why being highly sensitive sometimes leads to depression or anxiety
  • Setting up supportive internal + external environments
  • The highly sensitive brain and limbic system activation
  • 5 myths about being highly sensitive
  • Dealing with your "primary rejection"
  • Reconnecting to your Divine Essence + creating an inner sanctuary to heal chronic overstimulation

Module 1 Worksheets/Exercises
Program Agreements 
The Light Invocation
Supportive Environments Worksheet
Rescue Worksheet for Limbic System Activation
Guided meditation to connect with your Divine Essence & create an inner sanctuary

MODULE 2: Healing Your Sensitive Inner Child/Teenager

  • Childhood misattunement & micro-trauma
  • The fear of being too much 
  • The consequences of not being seen, heard, or understood growing up 
  • Giving yourself unconditional permission to feel & express "unacceptable" feelings
  • The key practice of cultivating safety for your inner child
  • Working through forgiveness 
  • Learning how to dialogue with your inner child
  • Reclaiming playfulness
  • Creating a "safe room" for your inner child

Module 2 Worksheets/Exercises
Emotional Permission Letter
Primary Rejection Forgiveness Worksheet
Inner Child Protectors Worksheet

MODULE 3: Practical & Energetic Tools to Decrease Overstimulation & Overwhelm

  • Practicing moment-by-moment emotional regulation
  • How your personal energy field interacts with other people's energy fields
  • Energetic shielding & clearing
  • Understanding how some people are internalizers and others are externalizers (you're probably an internalizer!)
  • Striking the right balance of self-protection & openness
  • Learning how to say NO & setting clear boundaries
  • Figuring out your "non-negotiables"
  • Visualization to decrease burnout & overwhelm
  • Safety mantras to become comfortable with disappointing others
  • Specific tools for before, during, and after social or stressful situations

Module 3 Worksheets/Exercises
Emotional Regulation Worksheet
Energy Shielding & Clearing
Productive Rumination Worksheet

MODULE 4: The Highly Sensitive Person in Relationships and at Work, and How to Align with Your Sacred Soul Purpose

  • Highly sensitive people & empaths in relationships (challenges, issues, and solutions)
  • How to no longer suppress, abandon, or lose your true self in relationships
  • How to make relationships work for your needs
  • Challenges & rewards of being highly sensitive at work
  • The gifts of sensitivity
  • Discovering and aligning with your Sacred Soul Work
  • Being a highly sensitive soul in a non-sensitive world
  • Identifying your highly sensitive archetype/role & how you can add value to the world

Module 4 Worksheets/Exercises
Relationship Assessment Worksheet
Highly Sensitive Roles & Archetypes
Program Closure Worksheet (for journaling)


spiritual coach

Your Instructor - Official Bio

Josephine Hardman is a second-generation intuitive healer. She has a Bachelor's degree in English (Florida Atlantic University) and a Master's degree and PhD in English Literature (University of Massachusetts Amherst). Josephine taught Shakespeare, Modern Drama, and College Writing at UMass Amherst & Smith College for 9 years before following her heart to do healing work. She is certified in Reiki, Angel Therapy, Akashic Records, and Energy Healing. As a highly sensitive introvert, Josephine is passionate about helping other sensitive women heal unworthiness and fully express their Divine Gifts.

Your Soul Knows

As a fellow highly sensitive person, I know how important it is to follow your heart and listen to your intuitive guidance. If you feel drawn to this program, I trust that we're meant to work together and that you're ready to embark on a powerful healing journey.

It means so much to me that you're here, right now, so I want to express my gratitude for your presence. I know that being highly sensitive isn't easy - there are many challenges that come along with this intense, beautiful, powerful, humbling, profound trait.

I also know, though, that the world needs you. Not you when you're being strong or "perfect" or you've got it all together, but you when you're willing to be vulnerable, to feel the depth of your feelings, to cry because you feel the pain of someone else's suffering, to treat others with compassion and understanding. These are some of the gifts of the highly sensitive.

I want to share with you some words by author Ted Zeff:

Although HSPs may have been told they are too sensitive, the truth is that the proliferation of insensitive values has created a world on the brink of disaster. Our only hope for saving the planet is sensitive people being role models and leading the way, to increase compassion and kindness toward all sentient beings on the planet.

This is why doing your inner healing work is so important - so that you can be fully present in the world and help lead us, in whatever way resonates with you, towards a more compassionate, kind, meaningful, and peaceful future.

Ready for the Journey?

Once you complete payment, you will receive a confirmation email with program information & details. Please feel free to reply to that email if you have any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

This program is specifically designed for highly sensitive women, by a highly sensitive woman. If you're a highly sensitive introvert, highly sensitive extrovert, empath, or anywhere in between – this program is meant for you. If you've ever struggled with your sensitivity, or felt a sense of being "weird" or "different" because of it, or felt like you were "too much" or "too emotional" - this program is lovingly meant for you.

If you’re willing to come into the program with an open mind and heart and do the work (such as applying the tools and doing the worksheets) – this program is especially meant for you.

One of our Program Agreements is that, as with most things in life, you will get out of this program as much as you put into it. (And I’m here to provide you with the program materials and for guidance and support to ensure that you get a LOT out of the experience.)

Yes! In my understanding, empaths are one type of highly sensitive person with increased sensory perception and the ability to actually feel and experience another person’s emotions, energy field, and thoughts. (Whereas other highly sensitive people who are not empaths might pick up on another person’s feelings but not necessarily feel them in their own body or heart.) Given this understanding of what it means to be an "empath", this program was designed specifically with you in mind.

Hmm, not necessarily. This program isn’t about becoming “less sensitive” or “desensitizing” yourself. In fact, this program rests on the opposite assumption: that your high sensitivity is a gift and must be nourished and expressed fully.

However, this program WILL teach you how to reframe your beliefs, heal your sensitive inner child, and implement tools and practices to navigate the world more confidently, powerfully, and with stronger boundaries so you won’t get as overwhelmed or overstimulated as before.

There’s a strong spiritual component that informs this program, so this is NOT a program based purely on science or psychology. However, I would not call this a “woo woo” program at all, as it is grounded in actual practices, practical tools, experiential exercises, and self-development approaches.

This program assumes that you have at least some experience with spirituality in your life, have gone through a spiritual awakening, and/or have cultivated a spiritual connection with the Universe, Divine Source, your Higher Self, your Spirit Guides, or God/Goddess.

Throughout the program, we’ll explore concepts such as your Divine Essence, Sacred Soul Work, Soul Purpose, and Divine Gifts. If these words resonate with you, then this program is meant for you!

*Note: while this program is spiritual, it's not religious or informed by any specific religion.

Once you enroll in the program, you’ll have lifetime access to the materials (while this website is live, which will be for a long time!). You can also download the program materials — including all audios, guided meditation, and worksheets — and store them on your computer to guarantee forever access.

Since this is an online program, the minimum requirements to participate are:

  • a computer
  • a stable Internet connection (to download or stream the materials)
  • a printer to print out the PDF worksheets (I find that completing worksheets by hand and actually writing things out is a more powerful and embodied practice than typing on a keyboard)

You might also wish to buy a new journal specifically for the program, since I will be asking you to journal and write down your insights throughout our time together.

While this program is informed by some trauma-oriented approaches (especially in the inner child module), I am not a licensed therapist or counselor. If you’re dealing with traumatic memories or experiences or trying to recover from past trauma, I highly recommend seeking professional support.

I'd love to answer it! Please feel free to reach out through the contact form or email me directly at [email protected]

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