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Don’t allow self-doubt to derail your purpose

The Weekly Seeker #19

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Self-doubt has held many, many (many) humans from fulfilling their deepest purpose and living a life of meaning and joy.

In my work, self-doubt tends to come up most often for students at the beginning stages of my Akashic Records Certification Program.

For them, negative thoughts associated with self-doubt might include:

  • My gifts are not significant or good enough
  • Everyone else is able to connect to the Akashic Records – or Divine Source – except for me
  • I’m unlucky / things are hard for me
  • I don’t have what it takes to be, do, or have XYZ (for example, “I don’t have what it takes to read the Akashic Records for my clients effectively and powerfully”)
  • This is a more subconscious thought/belief: I wouldn’t be able to stand it if I failed, so I better not try

These thoughts, whenever they come up, can trigger a cascade of uncomfortable physiological and emotional reactions – like suddenly feeling anxious, sweaty, trapped, or like you’re about to crawl out of your skin (this is where you might turn to sugar, TV, shopping, over-working, etc to try to numb or soothe the inner discomfort).

Of course, because you’re a self-aware person, you might be able to catch these thoughts and reactions and have the awareness that they’re coming from self-doubt.

And yet…

… very often, once the self-doubt has been triggered, there’s not much we can do to stop it. Not in the moment.

Sometimes, we have to allow the self-doubt to run its course.

Because here’s the thing —

I’m not sure we’ll ever be 100% free of self-doubt, no matter how much inner work or healing or pattern-breaking we do.

We’re still human. This is ok.

(Putting pressure on yourself to eliminate self-doubt completely just makes things feel harder.)

What if you could experience some degree of self-doubt and still make forward progress towards your goals and dreams, towards living your purpose as a powerful healer?

I’ve done that, and I’ve helped many of my students do it too.

Courageously, they face up to their self-doubt whenever it creeps in…

… and they make a choice not to allow that self-doubt to stop them.

They can see it for what it is.

They can dis-identify from the self-doubt and create some space between the self-doubting thoughts and feelings and Who They Really Are.

They can shift quickly to a Higher Truth, such as:

  • Self-doubt has no power to derail me. I am wiser, bigger, and bolder than this momentary burst of self-doubt.
  • I will feel the fear and do it anyway.
  • I’m capable of joyfully moving ahead with my goals and life purpose even if some self-doubt still exists in me.
  • All humans experience self-doubt, and I am no different. There’s no problem here, as long as I continue taking aligned actions DESPITE the self-doubt.

As an agent of change and healing on this planet, you cannot allow self-doubt to interfere with your important mission and gifts.

You cannot allow self-doubt to take you out of the game.

You must see it for what it is – just a momentary lapse in confidence, which all humans experience — and choose to keep moving forward anyway.

You DO have what it takes.

Wishing you courage and persistence on your path,

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