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Embodied Astrology: Retrogrades as Portals for Healing and Growth (with Rachel Hardy)


Rachel Hardy is a sought-after Intuitive Coach and Mentor, Astrologer, and Akashic Records Practitioner. (She was also my personal coach and is now a dear friend.) For over 20 years, she has guided conscious entrepreneurs and creatives to make their next leap in clarity, soul-purpose, impact and income by unhooking hidden blocks from stress and trauma. 

Her intuitive gifts, combined with cutting edge nervous system & body-based trauma release work, allow these amazing leaders to break through their money ceilings, clear anxiety and fear, and confidently step into the next level of their soul’s path.

 As a nervous system expert, Rachel is passionate about combining spiritual work with body-based self-regulation tools and practices.

In this interview, we chat about:

  • retrogrades as portals for healing and growth
  • how Rachel uses astrology in unique, grounded, and transformative ways – combining astrological and cosmic insights with nourishing nervous system, body-based practices
  • the important role storytelling plays in making astrology practical and useful
  • how and why Rachel developed her one-of-a-kind certification program, Embodied Astrology

Explore Rachel’s upcoming Embodied Astrology program and use my coupon code JH for $200 off.

You can also download Rachel’s Guided Somatic Meditation for Mercury Retrograde by joining her email list.

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