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Ethical Marketing for Healers: A Manifesto

This is a manifesto for the healers. For people who want to engage in ethical marketing practices while serving their ideal clients.

For the visionaries, witches, wizards, magic-makers, magickal practitioners, Tarotists, Akashic Records readers, clairvoyants, spiritual teachers, transformational leaders.

For the holders of non-judgmental, supportive, transformative, compassionate, powerful, embodied healing spaces.

This is a manifesto for you if you’ve connected to your Divine Mission and that Mission has something to do with healing, uplifting, transforming, alchemizing, holding space, and anchoring light.

First and foremost: your Divine Task at this time is to no longer play small by discounting your gifts or undervaluing your worth.

You must come out of the witchy, mystical, magical, so-called “woo woo” closet.

You serve no one hiding inside that closet.

You must become more fully yourself than you’ve ever been.

So how do you “do marketing” – how do you market, advertise, or put yourself out into the world – from this place of being fully yourself?

Don’t market yourself

The main idea here is: don’t market yourself. Instead, make yourself magnetic through your messaging, energy, frequency, and how you show up.

Your language is powerful. Use your words to cast spells from a place of empowerment and unconditional love.

Don’t market yourself. Make yourself magnetic.

There’s a difference.

Marketing yourself – “selling” yourself or your services/products – has the energy of effort, struggle, labor, and “hustle.” This is what feels yucky about marketing.

The old way of doing marketing is about convincing, persuading, tricking, or begging someone to buy your services.

(Can you feel the tension, struggle, and lack of integrity in that?)

Hustling and begging and fake urgency are part of the old paradigm.

The new paradigm is to make yourself magnetic.

Making yourself magnetic and resonant has the energy of stillness, alignment, authenticity, confidence, and attraction. Here’s what ethical and resonant marketing does NOT include:

  • pushing
  • a manufactured sense of urgency (“Buy this now! Only 3 spots left!” or “Sign up by X date and you’ll get these fast-action bonuses!”)*
  • begging
  • tricking
  • high-pressure sales tactics
  • endless pitching of yourself

*From now on, I encourage you to examine the kinds of marketing messages you receive (via emails, newsletters, sales pages, webinars, etc) and pinpoint these tactics of false urgency. They are everywhere. Do they work? Perhaps. But there are other, much more powerful, more ethical ways of doing business that build trust, integrity, and customer loyalty in a sustainable way over time. Don’t allow yourself to be manipulated or coerced by these tactics, and do not manipulate or coerce others by adopting these tactics in your business. If your messaging is on point, resonant, magnetic, and authentic, you will not need to pressure or coerce others to work with you. (Of course, you can still offer bonuses, early enrollment, early bird rates, loyalty discounts, and so on. Just no false sense of urgency to manipulate others psychologically.)

There’s no scrambling or hustling to get clients or to make yourself visible.

Are your clients signing up on the spot?

In ethical and resonant marketing, there is ONLY aligned action and a clear, unique, powerful blueprint given to you by Divine Source herself. A blueprint only you can enact and embody. Not anyone else’s blueprint. (And, importantly, this is not a blueprint you can buy. No magic bullets. No copying what someone else has done. You must develop it yourself, with help along the way, but following your own inner leadership.)

Making yourself magnetic means that, when your people read or watch or listen to your content (i.e., your messaging), they feel an immediate energetic resonance. They have an emotional response. They feel seen, heard, understood, and loved.

And this leads them to sign themselves up for your services/program/coaching… on the spot.

This is the kind of magic where you send out a newsletter with hyper-aligned content – not even selling anything – and someone hits reply to ask how they can work with you. Cause your words went straight into their heart, and they’re ready to work with you. Right now.

(By the way, when’s the last time that happened to you? If it was longer than two weeks ago, something isn’t clicking. You need to work on making yourself and your messaging more magnetic.)

Old marketing paradigms that push, force, yell, coerce, or trick people don’t work anymore. Even if they did work, they have no integrity or sincerity.

Instead, operate under the assumption that your messaging (i.e., any content you put out into the world – your blog, newsletter, social media posts, podcast, “About” page, “Work with me” page, even your Instagram bio) is your marketing.

Setting your energetic table

If you market yourself with a sense of urgency and desperation (“I need to get clients! Where’s my next client?? Is anyone willing to work with me??”), you will either attract no one or attract non-ideal clients. You will burn out. You will stay on that hamster wheel, spinning faster and faster, producing little results.

Get off the hamster wheel.

(And take a deep sigh of relief.)

You can choose, instead, to infuse your messaging and content with a sense of empowerment, confidence in your own gifts, a high-level frequency, and clarity about the results/outcomes you help your people create.

Consider the kind of frequency and energy that is created by your work. What’s the alchemy or magic you co-create with your clients? What’s the kind of energetic table you set for your clients?

Invite them to join you at that table and then nurture them, help them, hold them, and love them unconditionally when they show up. (And even before they show up!)

The more specific your messaging, the more magnetic it will be.

“How can you become the one for the people you want to matter to?” – Bernadette Jiwa

You are a healer, an alchemist, a catalyst. You are a magic-maker. So why aren’t you infusing your marketing with magic?

Because here’s the thing – there is no easy path. There is no quick fix or hack or trick or shortcut that will get you clients, earn you trust, build community, and sustain a business over time.

There isn’t some business or marketing “secret” others know and you don’t. (Trust me – I’ve looked for this “secret” everywhere, including high-end marketing programs. There is no secret. Well, perhaps the secret is this: there are no shortcuts so you need to show up over and over again in the true spirit of service with sincerity, vulnerability, and a clear message. And, of course, make yourself magnetic.)

The long game

Building your business must be a long-term endeavor. A marathon, not a sprint.

Be in it for the long game, and use your magic every step of the way.

For example: are you connecting to your ideal clients energetically on a daily basis?

Are you making yourself visible from an energetic place?

This means turning on ALL the lights within you. This means radiating a particular kind of energy. This means connecting to the morphic field – the energy field – of your ideal clients every day, even if for 5 minutes. (Even better if you can do this for 15-20 minutes.) Check in with them. See what they’re doing, what they’re thinking, what they’re going through. Sense their energy.

Reflect on what matters most to them.

What do they need?

What are they thinking about?

What are they questioning?

What are they wrestling with?

What keeps them up at night?

What stirs their soul?

“We must look out at the world from [our ideal clients’] perspective first. Only when we have taken the time to see what they see, to long for what they long for, can we speak to their needs.” – Andre Chaperon

Energetically – and before you do any hustling, any marketing, any putting pen to paper, any “selling”, any taking action – let them know you’re here, and that you’re ready to help. That the doors are open.

That’s what it means to be “open for business.”

Make that your mantra every morning: “I am open for spiritual business. I am ready to help.”

Then drop down into your heart to really FEEL it. Open your arms, stretch them out as far as you can, and feel your heart opening. Create a space in your heart for your ideal clients, your people, your community. Create energetic connections between you and them through strings of light. Nurture those energetic connections EVERY DAY.

Be magnetic. Be connected. Be open to receive.

And then –

Go out into the world, show up, create content, be of service (even before money changes hands), really care, narrow down and speak your message, clear your own baggage and dismantle your biases, move through resistance, serve your clients (inspire them to spread the word), and make time for yourself as well.

And then, rinse and repeat.

Spiritual entrepreneurship is not for you if you want to get this done overnight.

You have to be in it for the long haul.

Be willing to make mistakes and get things wrong.

Be willing to pivot and learn.

Be willing to evolve.

Be willing to ask for help and invest in yourself (you are worth it).

Be ethical.

Be magnetic.

Show up.

Run your business from a place of uncompromising integrity.

Do these things, and you will prosper.

With love,

To work together, you can explore my services here.

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