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EVOLUTION: Don’t allow anyone else’s mess to destroy your inner peace


Have you ever allowed someone else’s mess – their messy relationship, life decisions, chaotic living, clutter, chronic lateness, etc – destroy your inner peace? Or have you ever judged YOURSELF for being “messy” as a human?

This episode is all about re-framing our understanding of the word “mess”, so you won’t allow anyone else’s mess to destroy your inner peace and you won’t judge yourself or others for being “messy” either.

I talk about:

  • the real-life scenario that triggered my ego and sparked this topic idea! (it involves a missed appointment)
  • how we sometimes too quickly interpret an event as bad, wrong, or messy – when in fact it’s happening in service of our healing or growth
  • how to detach yourself from other people’s “messes” so you can allow them to learn whatever they need to learn, while sustaining your inner peace
  • rescuer/fixer patterns that might be causing you issues – such as a pattern of jumping in to rescue people financially

Thank you for tuning in and spending this time with me!

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