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EVOLUTION: Living judgment-free


Introducing a brand new series on this podcast… EVOLUTION.

Your healing journey is a process of continual, ongoing evolution. Of you becoming more evolved every day. Of you evolving beyond old patterns, habits, dysfunctions, defense mechanisms, belief systems, and self-imposed limitations. Evolving beyond the past. Evolving beyond anything that isn’t truthfully YOU, at your highest level.

In this inaugural episode of EVOLUTION, I address the topic of judgment – of both self and others. I talk about:

  • how the meaning of the word “judgment” has changed over time
  • how judgment is a form of punishment (and self-punishment)
  • how we sometimes use judgment to try to feel more powerful, better, smarter, or more capable than others 
  • how the impulse to judge arises from a hurt, offended, threatened, or scared ego
  • how we’ve used judgment in human societies to try to bond with others – but why it’s not an authentic form of relating

I want to thank Doug for suggesting this topic and being a loyal supporter of Inner Work.

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Thank you for being here and spending this time with me! May we soften any judgments of ourselves or others.

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