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EVOLUTION: Question your cultural assumptions and beliefs


We all inevitably grow up with and internalize certain cultural beliefs and assumptions. These can include beliefs about life, family, relationships, the world, ourselves… as well as cultural standards about physical appearance, money, success, and what we “should” do or be to fit in.

These beliefs can truly limit us or cause suffering and stuckness in our lives. As you walk your path of awakening, it’s important to question the cultural beliefs and assumptions you’ve taken on unconsciously.

In this episode, I talk about:

  • my discovery of an insidious cultural belief I had been carrying (the belief that “life will eventually disappoint you”)
  • how these cultural beliefs and assumptions get internalized
  • how we’re conditioned to want things that our culture says we should want… instead of allowing ourselves to follow our authentic desires
  • how to begin noticing and releasing cultural ideas and assumptions that have held you hostage

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