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EVOLUTION: The emotional work of building a spiritual or healing business


You must often face your own patterns, limitations, and triggers as you grow a spiritual or healing business. Working as a healer, coach, or spiritual practitioner requires you to continually heal yourself, release old patterns, and keep evolving – so you can show up for the people you serve at your highest level.

In this episode of EVOLUTION, I talk about the emotional work required in growing a spiritual business. I address:

  • the triggering event in my own business that sparked this episode (what the trigger was and how I dealt with it)
  • dysfunctional patterns that can come up as you grow your spiritual business and work with clients, including imposter syndrome, self-doubt, and second-guessing yourself
  • WHY doing emotional work on ourselves is required for us healers, coaches, and spiritual practitioners
  • how to begin showing up at your highest level, so you can powerfully serve your clients (and make the work you do more rewarding)

If you’re committed to growing your business and serving others through transformational healing work, I invite you to consider my Akashic Records Certification Program:

Thank you for being here and doing your inner work! Take good care of yourself, my friend. The world needs your gifts.


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