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EVOLUTION: When to stop seeking spiritual info and tools


Are you often (or even constantly) looking for new spiritual knowledge, tools, or resources? Do you know when to stop, so you can integrate everything you’ve learned so far and apply it in your life?

It’s so important to keep seeking, to keep evolving, to keep doing our inner work. At the same time, we want to make sure we’re not doing this compulsively, or as a form of spiritual bypassing or escapism.

In this episode of EVOLUTION, I talk about:

  • how to recognize any patterns of using spirituality or spiritual pursuits to try to avoid reality, uncomfortable feelings, or genuine healing work
  • how to avoid becoming “spiritually constipated” (awesome words from a listener email I answer in this episode)
  • how to do a spiritual and energetic “decluttering” for yourself
  • how to trust your inner knowing more, instead of looking for answers or wisdom outside yourself

I’m sending lots of gratitude to Penny for writing in with this thoughtful topic.

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