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EVOLUTION: Where are your boundaries?



Where are yours? How are you at setting clear boundaries in your life? How comfortable do you feel enforcing them?

This episode will take you into an exploration of boundaries – what they are, what they mean, how they can help you, and why we often have a hard time setting them.

I also talk about the difference between external boundaries (boundaries you set with other people / the world) and internal boundaries (boundaries you set with yourself, internally).

As a companion to this episode, I’ve created a 60-minute guided healing journey called Healthy Boundaries: Clearing and Claiming Your Space in the World. It will help you clear, reclaim, and set healthier boundaries in 4 spaces you inhabit: your mental space, emotional space, physical body, and physical environment. To access that resource, go here:

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Thank you for tuning in, and please keep doing your inner work!

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2 thoughts on “EVOLUTION: Where are your boundaries?”

  1. 1st time listener of your podcast and I’m so glad I found you today! Been working on many things and setting boundaries are at the forefront of my healing journey at this time. Your wisdom is much appreciated! You were able to really hone in on the whys and hows of how I repeatedly find myself grappling with my quest to find peace and self-understanding. My recent foray into working with a therapist on this matter (Boundaries) was just terrible. She didn’t even seem interested in getting to the root of the matter and made me feel bad for not being more compassionate with a long-time “boundary-breacher.” (She needs to retire! Florida is calling her… lol!) Thank you so much! I am hooked on your Inner Work A Spiritual Growth Podcast!
    Blessings to you!

    1. Josephine Hardman

      Dear Beth, thank you for listening to my podcast and taking the time to leave this comment! I appreciate you letting me know this episode in particular spoke to you, and made you feel understood. I’m so sorry for that negative experience in therapy, where you were not properly listened to. I hope you’re staying true to yourself and enforcing healthy boundaries where needed — especially with repeat offenders who continually breach your boundaries. So important to be assertive and firm in that circumstance! I’m sending lots of support with this, and with your healing journey overall.

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