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Expanding beyond the limits of your primitive brain

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The primitive parts of your brain are concerned with one thing, and one thing only:



You surviving and making it to the next day.

These survival-oriented parts of your brain don’t care about you healing, evolving, creating a truly abundant and meaningful life, or expanding to your highest level…

… they’re JUST concerned with survival. (To care about survival – and ensure your survival – is literally their only job.)

Problem is –

In many cases, your brain equates safety (and survival) with familiarity.

Whatever is familiar, whatever looks and feels like the past, whatever you’ve already experienced and survived in the past – your brain often equates that as being “safe.”

As being something you can survive again.

For example, this is why many of us will gravitate towards romantic partners that (unconsciously) remind us of our parents – even if our parents were emotionally absent, unavailable, unreliable, codependent, or dysfunctional in some other way.

If we survived the experience of having an emotionally absent parent (even if it hurt us or cost us something important), our brains may equate this kind of relationship dynamic as “safe” for us… as a familiar situation that we’ll likely be able to survive again.

Similarly, if we’ve survived by making “just enough” money and never breaking past our inner money ceiling…

… the brain has learned, by now, that this amount of money (whatever it is) is familiar and, therefore, “safe.”

So, the brain will unconsciously seek to re-create these familiar scenarios, over and over again… in its primitive attempts to keep us safe.

A similar thing can happen when you start (intentionally and consistently) tapping into the Akashic Records – a vast field of Highest Consciousness, where change can happen at the speed of light.

If you’re using the Records effectively – with deep respect, integrity, non-attachment, and personal ownership – they will facilitate and accelerate your expansion.

They will help you break through inner limitations, old beliefs, money ceilings, relationship blocks, and any patterns that may be slowing or hindering your expansion.

This can be exhilarating, especially if shifts happen quickly.

AND, at the same time…

… your primitive brain – which cares more about you surviving than about you joyfully expanding into your Highest, Most Aligned, Most Abundant Self – may try to throw on the safety brake.

Your brain may try to derail the positive changes and healing you’re experiencing, through unconscious strategies such as:

  • Making you doubt or second-guess yourself, your intuition, or the positive things happening in your life
  • Making you doubt the insights you’re receiving through the Akashic Records (or other intuitive practice)
  • Suddenly re-creating a past scenario of chaos or conflict that feels familiar (and therefore “safe”); for example, experiencing a sudden financial or relationship crisis that reminds you of an old pattern you thought you were done with

When this happens, our first reaction is often to go into shame about it.

To beat ourselves up. To blame ourselves for what’s happening, and to question or discount the progress we’ve already made.

Paradoxically, the more you judge or beat yourself up, the LESS safe your brain feels… and the MORE it will try to re-create old familiar scenarios to bring you back to safety. This creates a negative feedback loop.

Instead, what’s most needed in these moments – when your primitive brain misguidedly tries to derail your expansion – is:

  • Unconditional self-compassion
  • A clear understanding that this is just your brain’s self-protective mode, and YOU (as a whole being) are not wrong, bad, or weak
  • A firm decision to continue expanding no matter what

Another key is trusting that sometimes things breaking down, or falling apart, or seeming to regress is PART of the expansion.

You’ll often experience what feels like a crisis point or a frustrating dead-end right before a huge breakthrough.

THIS is the moment to keep trusting and moving forward.

THIS is the moment to allow your primitive brain to do whatever it’s gonna do…

… while consciously choosing massive expansion and cultivating NEW, supportive, abundant states of being in your life, until they become the new “normal” and your brain starts creating them on autopilot.

With love,

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